The best free e-book download sites

When you need to fill your Kindle on a Budget!


Filling your Kindle with interesting reads is not really that difficult and expensive. And, that too it can be downloaded legally. This is because in some cases their copyright has expired and sometimes authors chose to release them free of cost. However, the main task is to track down exactly what you want to read in the correct format. We have made it really easy for you by searching through a variety of Ebook sites for bringing out the very best places to download hi-res free Ebooks without any hassle. Grow through the tech while you go through these:

1. Google Play Books

On the Google Play Books, the Ebooks are only available as PDF or EPUB files. This means, if you have a Kindle you’ll need to convert them into MOBI format to read it. This website is very easily accessible through any web browser or even Android device. But, first of all you’ll need to create a Google Play Account and register a credit card to start downloading anything. However, you can’t just browse freebies, instead, you will have to search for your preferred genre by adding the word ‘free’ (e.g; free fiction, free history).

2. Amazon Cheap Reads for Kindle

Despite the name, a large number of books on Amazon Cheap Reads for Kindle are absolutely free to download. This website has a collection of not only classic works that are out of copyright, but also latest books from authors who chose to make the digital editions available. Some of them are paid-for books as well, where you have to pay a normal amount to download it. The books also have ratings and reviews to help you chose the best ones.

As the name suggests, the free Ebooks from Amazon are exclusively available in Kindle format. This means, the other Ebook readers will probably have to convert the files they select, or another option is to log in to your Amazon account for downloading them. To download an Ebook on this site, click on the Buy button. As soon as you do that, the Ebook will be sent to any Kindle Ebook readers you own or with the Kindle app installed device. I would like to tell you, that converting the Kindle Ebooks to any other format is really not seamless, even if they are protected by DRM, so people who don’t use Kindle should surf elsewhere.

3. Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg has been named after printing press that democratized knowledge. This site is basically a huge archive of over 53,000 books in different formats like HTML, Kindle, Plain Text, and EPUB. It can be downloaded directly, or you can also have them sent to your preferred cloud storage service such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The books that belong to the same genre are gathered together in bookshelves. However, what I don’t like about this website is that the fiction and non-fiction collection are not separated.

The good thing is that the Project Gutenberg is also available in different languages like English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. There’s definitely bias towards the work and translations in English language, but that is applicable for all the Ebook download sites we have listed here. The Project Gutenberg is a great source of free Ebooks especially for academic work. Check the ‘RightDetails’ which explains the copyright situation in more detail as it uses US copyright law which is not universal.

4. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is mainly for knowledge sharing. It is a collection of open-context textbooks that is accessible to anyone and can be edited by experts. Wikipedia pages are mostly list of facts, but the Wikibooks consists of linked chapters aiming to teach the reader about a specific subject. You will see separate sections for recipes and books for children. Also, it is very easy to search anything by topic on Wikibooks. Any page on this website can be downloaded in PDF format by using a link given in the left-hand menu.

There’s a feature called ‘Collection Creator’ – it’s a handy tool letting you collate several pages by organizing and exporting them together but only in PDF format.


This website mainly focuses on independent authors who don’t want to follow the traditional publishing route. You certainly won’t find any famous book here, instead, there’s a huge collection of brand new fiction, non-fiction, and also audio books in every possible genre which are worth a try. Free-Ebooks. net is my personal favorite, as it adds new books every day. Because this site has only free books, you don’t have to worry about filtering the paid content on Amazon or Google Play Books. You also won’t have to waste time on checking all the menus, as all the genres are presented on the homepage. You can easily sort out results by mentioning the rating, popularity, publication date, and more. At the, the books are available in plain text files, PDF, Kindle and also EPUB.


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