Best books on entrepreneurship you must read

Tuesday might be just another bland weekday, workday but it’s not a bad day to get yourself filled up with some motivation. And for those who have been looking to start a book, get enlightened or simply read a good book but don’t know where to start from, now is the time and here is the list you’ve been looking for. Entrepreneurs or not, a little enlightenment never goes to waste. So, here are names of 5 books that you need to have at your home to get that mind working and give it some food for thought!

1. Zero to one – Peter Thiel

Known as a must-read for entrepreneurs, Zero to One, the celebrated novel penned by the founder of Paypal Peter Thiel tops the list of most aspiring entrepreneurs. The book revolves around the fact that a business succeeds and makes a mark only if it chooses differentiation and that makes up one of the most important lessons of the book.

2. Losing my virginity – Richard Branson

Life and business lessons coming from successful and giant businessmen themselves make up for legit and very creditable information. And that is exactly the case with the autobiography of the owner of the Virgin group. The book is honest and modest and thus a very believable life story.

3. Elon Musk : How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future – Ashlee Vance

If you are with the world, then you know the advancements initiated by a man (probably from outer space himself). Elon Musk, with his many companies and novel ideas, is spearheading changes in our lives and the way they would appear few years down the line. Highlighting his journey with the minutest details is what gives a real insight into the workings of a brilliant and in turn giving priceless learnings.

4. Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

While this might not be a book directly shooting out entrepreneurial lessons, it sure makes for an enriching read. In addition to being an individual with good entrepreneurship skills, one needs to be high on EQ and have a good sense of how people function. Doing exactly that is this book penned by the nobel winner and economist Daniel Kahneman and learning the interlacings of the mind cannot get more interesting than this!

5. The $100 start-up –

While entrepreneurship is not that easy, it does not take the mind of a scientist to start one and it is in a gist what the book tries to say, In the same breath, the book in no way says it’s easy or that every other person can, but it essentially says that opportunity, circumstances and accidents do make for good entrepreneurs and enterprises and thus there is no one way to making the cut.

We hope you get the intellectual juices flowing soon, happy learning!

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