Be Smart, Quit Now!

In this fast competitive world, it is always easy to burn out at the very initial stage. But being stuck in a wrong place can not only be physically demanding but it can also kill your drive immediately. It is important to know that the time you invest in a wrong job can impact your career in the long run. Quitting your job is a crucial decision but if you need to be sure if you are making the right decision. Hence these are the telltale signs that it might be time to quit now!


The first sign of a terrible job. If you know you are underpaid than most of the peers in the same industry, then it is time to leave. Being overworked while being underpaid will drain you out in every possible way. It will slowly start killing your passion and drive for your career.


Even if your company has the perfect environment and an understanding boss, but if you are not learning anything new, it is a red alert. Every job is meant to enhance and sharpen your skills and personality both individually and professionally. Don’t compromise your scope for improvement to maintain your comfort levels.


A stressful job can lead to depression, insomnia, headaches, frequent illness, and worse. None of this will ever be worth your paycheck. So if you feel you are constantly falling sick and your mental health is taking a set back because of your job, it is time to start looking around.


Motivation and passion are the two key driving forces when it comes to shaping your career. This is what will fuel you to do better, but if your job and the professional environment is draining your motivation and most importantly the passion to work, you will burn out in no time.


Every company diversifies and expands over a period of time. But if the company where you work at is doing the same thing since the last decade? There is no room for improvement and people come and go at constantly. Such companies are stagnant and have a toxic environment. Do not invest your time at such companies and act smartly!

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