AVICII – DJ of the month

Global EDM phenomenon and Swedish music sensation Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii, stepped out of the studio to converse with Utsavi Jha and give her insights into what life is like for him, share his musical sensibilities and two-cents on the tech world, and reveal one thing fans don’t know about him!

Exhibit: What shaped your interest in music and what does music mean to you?
Avicii: My brothers and sisters were all a lot older than me, all about 15 years older than me. They were listening to hard rock, or glam rock – all kinds of rock. I grew up with that. And then my dad listened to Ray Charles and R&B. But I’ve always listened to everything. I’ve never been a hardcore rocker, or into a single genre. I’ve always been open to listening to everything. What defines my music tastes is that it must be melodic and hooky. Music is everything to me; it’s an escape, it’s a way to express your feelings, it’s a way to connect with people and bring people together.

Exhibit: What made you want to enter the EDM scene?
AviciiI wasn’t really into electronic music at first – just Daft Punk and a couple of other people. But then I downloaded FL Studio, and I realized I could create an entire song with that computer program. So, I started making songs that my friends and I liked, and it just grew from there. […]

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