CEO of Capgemini, India, which is a pioneer in the IT Industry and brings the Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing experience to India, Aruna Jayanthi has an electric style of working. We take notes from her interviews, and enlist things that make her dynamic!\n\n#A hesitant start When Aruna started her career in IT, her expectation with the profile she was handed over was quite different from what she wanted. Coming from a Business School, she expected consulting type of roles; instead her first assignment was maintenance. Down in the dumps, she complained and asked for a change in roles when her manager asked her to continue doing the same as she would learn more from it. And well, she did. The plans that are meant to be will be rocky in the start, for sure!\n\n#Experience Associated with Capgemini for almost 14 years, as its CEO, she looks after all its business units  Consulting, Technology services and Outsourcing services in India and focuses on efficiently increasing performance of her large (40,000) employee base here. In totality, she has over two decades’ experience in the IT Industry and worked for Ernst & Young, Hexaware and TCS before Capgemini. Having worked as the Global Delivery Officer for Capgemini Outsourcing, in a few years, she moved up the ladder to assume the global role as the head of delivery at\n\nthe company’s outsourcing division.\n\n#Straight forward Within three weeks of delivering her daughter, Aruna was back to work as she couldn’t work from home anymore. When questioned about this difficult decision, she said My daughter may be the greatest looking thing on Earth, but you can’t spend 18 hours a day looking at her. It’s also social conditioning that makes you feel that the baby needs you. I figured out that the baby doesn’t even need you. They just need someone to wash them and take care of them. (In an Interview to The TOI) Jayanthi admits what many people only think of.\n\n# Ambitious Besides the wonders she’s already up to, she wants to work in association with the government and encourage investments by industry in high-calibre R&D pools in order to drive India’s potential in areas of product development and engineering. Her aim is also to egg on young entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop IT IPs in India, mainly in new-age technologies like Cloud, Big Data, Mobility Solutions, Analytics and so on.\n\n#Mantras for life Ideals you live by speak a lot about you. Hers, on leadership, speak of the clichéd debate on gender discrimination in organizations. Aruna, who says that she hasn’t ever faced any sorts of biases either at home or workplace, feels that both bring a different strength on tables while the fundamentals of the game remains the same!\n\n#Achievements Within a short span of being appointed the CEO, she was honoured with many distinguished titles and awards. In 2012, she ranked 3rd in Fortune India’s list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business and Business Today’s list of Most Powerful Women 2012 for two consecutive years.\n\n#Organized and visionary and an Attentive Boss She spends more than 20-25% of her time on talent-related and HR activities  connecting with the employees, working towards the betterment of the work culture, getting in new talent onboard and communicating the mission, vision and objectives of the organization are just few of their responsibilities. Anyone who conscientiously looks after the employee and cares for their work environment is sure to scale heights!\n\n#Calm When you are at a place where everything matters to you and you matter the most to everything (and everyone), it is of utmost importance that you keep your cool. No matter what, the lady is known to face every crisis and obstacles heroically!

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