Archana Anand

Chief Business Officer –
ZEE5 Global,
ZEE Entertainment

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."-Maya Angelou


EX: Biggest milestone in your life.
HIM: Professionally, my funnest journey has perhaps been launching ZEE5 since I got to be the architect right from conceptualization, to the actual launch; first in India in February 2018, and more recently launching it globally across 190+ markets and driving its expansion. ZEE5 today is in the leadership position across 3 global markets and is hungry to replicate this success across markets.

EX: Book(s) that have influenced your life.
HIM: I love the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling.

EX: An unusual app on your smartphone.
HIM: ‘Help Me On Mobile’. It’s an app I conceptualized and launched at the time of the Nirbhaya incident. The app was created with women’s safety in mind and went on to attract much media coverage because of the topicality at the time.

EXThe next product on your tech-wishlist.
HIM: I’ve just bought the Google Home Max and love it.

EX: 3 habits you think are most important in order to be an effective leader.
HIM: Lead by example, carry people with you & build the big picture for all and of course, take the brickbats and share the bouquets.

EX: The best tech innovation according to you.
HIM: Undoubtedly wireless internet, the smartphone and Google search.

EXYour ideas and views on sustainable technology
HIM: Technology needs to enhance and enable without being intrusive or destructive. It is a tough balance, but it is the need of the hour. It is an incredibly challenging and interesting aspect as the role of tech now, while solving problems, one must also account for the environment.

EX: Your upcoming career goals
HIM: I have never had a career plan. The plan was simply to give my absolute best in the moment. Carpe Diem, really and that continues to be my only plan.