An Influencer: Decoded

An influencer is the trending talk of the town right now. No one will be surprised if someone says that they are an influencer by profession. The whole intention behind having an influencer is to progress in all aspects of your life and business to be bigger and better. There are many qualities that can be seen in an influencer. To have a strong influence you must possess the skills to be able to take control, lead, speak up and make sure your voice is heard. Let’s have a look at all the qualities that make a perfect influencer.



There are so many fake influencers, who keep on talking about a lot of big things (I’d rather call it preaching) but you’ll never see them acting on those words. A true influencer will always feel the need to get the ball rolling than waiting for the team to follow their instructions. It’s very easy to throw motivation into thin air. The real effort is showing how it is done. Someone who runs away from their own problems can never be an influencer. This is a required quality for people to follow you.


This one is too obvious! How else will one influence people? It has to be through those magical words. One should be easily able to translate their thoughts into words. The flow should come across as natural as possible. Whether it is face to face or virtually, people should be wanting to listen to an influencer. Every opportunity is a platform to create a positive impact on others, from presenting one-on-one or to an audience of one hundred, conveying information to a team or delivering a difficult message, communicating effectively is one of the most powerful tools for achieving your objectives and having an influence. There is no point if you cannot talk out your ideas and build that trust in people.


Persuasion is something not everybody can do. It is a special skill, one which can be also termed as a superpower. In today’s digital age, it’s difficult for yourself to do what you want to do in life, forget convincing others to follow your thoughts. It is a negotiation between you and people’s point of view resulting in a shared solution. An influencer is definitely persuasive by nature and that’s how it all begins.


Confidence is the key to existence. You can win the world with confidence. Now, there are two types of confidence that will help you here. One is self-confidence i.e. a belief that however you are, you are amazing. An influencer should have an unshaken self-confidence so that they can spread some to people as well. The second type of confidence would be related to the kind of experience you have or the work you have done. It comes from all that. An influencer should have a powerful voice, which will give the confidence to the people, inspiring them in a real way. They feel extremely capable and assured of their beliefs, abilities, and decisions. Panic can never be able to triumph their confidence ever.


People out there are looking for a leader who can show them a way out. One does not become a leader overnight. It requires patience, tolerance, willpower, knowledge, intellect among a lot of other things. A leader is the one who suffers the most and also takes a lot of risks. A person who has gone through a lot in life will only know the solution to come out of it. No one would ever want to follow a leader who has never suffered because when problems or obstacles would arise, a person who has never suffered would not know the way through the conflict. Your the greatest influence becomes the application of your living wisdom.


Nothing is steady in an Influencer’s life except for growth. Great influencers not just focus on growing, instead they work on seeing the bigger picture. They will notice the specific talents of people in their team and help them to utilize it the most. They have a tendency to inspire people to reach their utmost potential which will be beneficial as a whole. This will also help in working on the areas that one is weak at and paves way for a healthy competition. In maximizing strengths, everyone wins and your influence is felt.


An influencer knows their own significance. To feel significant, there should be respect and one should have a positive impact on people. Everybody wants to feel important, known. But it is equally difficult. Learn to sort out projects, based on the level of influence it will have on your organization and those around you. The desire to achieve can be so great that when it is driven with the right motivation of impacting the lives of others positively, you have the most powerful influence and the most deeply felt financial and emotional success.

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