Alone But Not Lonely

Traveling solo is the new craze among youngsters. People these days have less patience to wait for their group to make a plan to go for a trip. We are more spontaneous and all we need is a signal and we are ready with our bags. It doesn’t matter if we have people with us, a solo trip is cool too. In fact, most of the people prefer solo trips these days as they don’t want to adjust according to the travel partner. But at the same time, it can be a bit difficult as well if something goes wrong while you are alone. We have got you covered on this.

 1. SMILE Please

It means the same thing in every language. It means you are happy, friendly, approachable and kind. Plus it is an amazing aura that you create around yourself which brings in a positive vibe. Even if you don’t know the language, smiling can make you appear pleasant. A smile has the power to open many conversations. Just don’t freak people out by smiling too much.

2. Learn The Lingo

I know it is difficult for anyone to just learn a random language, but it can come really handy. Knowing a few basic words would ease your journey. Locals feel warm and respected when a tourist puts an effort to connect to them. They will reciprocate all these love and will help you wholeheartedly.

3.  Look Who’s Talking

Going to a different place and not knowing the people and the culture there would be a huge loss. When you are traveling solo, you won’t have anyone to talk to you or disturb you with their daily chaos. Select a place where you get plenty of free souls like you and where you can interact with a lot of local traditional people. Many places have common rooms where people sit and share their stories as well.

4. Get It Arranged

There is a concept of an all-inclusive trip where there will be an agency which will handle all your visits and expenses. It will suggest you different places to eat and travel every day so that you can explore various places and that will keep you busy. You can get comfortable in your own skin and being alone – we promise, no-one will judge if you don’t leave the poolside!

5. Walk The Talk

Don’t just book a hotel and stay indoors when on a trip. Just randomly start walking down the street and see how people work around. You can also invite your roommate or your neighbour to join you. Yes, meeting people on tours is possible and you might end up with a friend to enjoy a meal with or another day of exploring. There are many websites that will enable you to find people of the same interest as you and hang out for a day.

6. Curiosity It Is!

There are many world problems that derived their solutions after asking so many questions. So ask a lot of questions if you are not getting any fact. Once you begin the conversation then everything will be automatically fun. Travelers who find each other where there are few tourists are more inclined to talk to each other. Meet someone on a hike or in a specific museum and you already know that you have an interest in common. Usually, curious people end up finding themselves on a solo trip. So go on, and make yourself your best companion.

7. Alice In Your Own Wonderland 

If you don’t like depending on people for a conversation then make books your best friends. Get lost in the world of characters just like Alice. It doesn’t have to be a fictional story though. It can be a comic book as well. Also, a book can be a conversation starter as well. It often attracts people for a brief chat. Pick your book wisely though.

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