All That You Need To Know About iOS 9.3

The new iOS 9.3 has just kicked in and as the rumours suggest the updates are already rolling out for all the iPhones. Isn’t it too early to shoot out the updates and promises to make sure all iPhones receive the iOS 9.3? Yes it is, as the WWDC event was held last night and by morning updates are rolling out. No wonder Apple are known as the big guns and they have just proved it over and over again. Apple have hit out at Google by stating their new Android version is out only merely to 2% as compared to our 98%. It was quite a striking remark to make at WWDC. At the event, the big guns have gone far from being huge to tiny. The whole event emphasizes on mini devices. It is quite a gamble to take when tech is going big with bigger gadgets and devices and Apple decided to go tiny and went back to basics. Before you could download the iOS 9.3, here are a few things all you Apple users need to know.

The latest iOS has added a numerous additions and innovations which can revamp the way you look and feel about Apple.

ios-93-night-shift-apple-artNight Shift :

A lot of people have trouble sleeping at night because of the phone. Recent studies also proves that exposure to blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Night shift will monitor your time and location to determine if it’s day or night. It will adjust automatically to shift colors in your display to warmer colors which will be easy on your eyes. In the morning, it will go back to its regular setting.

Privacy Notes :ios-9-3-notes

A note is something we use constantly for all kinds of things which contains mostly personal data. With the new update, it will not help you to secure your notes like poems, financial details, logins and passwords but it will help you to tile it up as per your need. You can secure it with the help of a password or fingerprint.


imagesHealth :

New dashboard to see all health metrics at one place without any hassles.  It will help you to choose which third party apps to download for sleep, weight and workouts which will have a slider to be updated on the Dashboard.




CarPlay :

CarPlay adds has integrated new features which are more useful whether you’re on a road trip or if you’re on your daily commute. The new features get handpicked by Apple music as per your preference which is right at your hand on your screen.


Some features may not be available in all countries or all areas. Click here to see complete list.