Are You Addicted To SEX?

The data says that 1 in 20 people are addicted to sex but are unaware about it and do not come out. Having sex with a stable partner is good for health. But being addicted to it in a way that you cannot do without sex can turn harmful. Here are 5 signs to check whether you are addicted to sex and go for help if yes.

Sex Is Always On Your Mind

Waking, walking, talking – the first thing that comes to your mind is sex. People generally find it normal as we are not causing harm to anyone else. But being constantly on that zone and dreaming about orgasms can create virus in your head and it will then become difficult to come out of it.

Addicted To Porn Even After Having A Partner

Porn is something you watch when you miss having a sex-life. But when you have a stable partner with whom you make out regularly then one doesn’t need to watch porn for orgasms. That means that you have left the reality and want to have more because you aren’t satisfied.

You Are A Sex Magnet

A general flirting to many people at a time is fine when you are single. But when you are committed and are still hitting on others especially in a sexual way is the time to raise the red flag. Getting attracted to multiple people and making out with them just to fulfill your sex drive can be a sign of sex addiction and you will have to do something to get out of it.

Regular Sex Doesn’t Satisfy You

Since you have already have thought about it a million times in your head, you end up increasing your expectations from sex when actually having it. This can make the partner feel inadequate and can make way for turmoil in the relationship.

Get Angry When Denied Sex

Now this can be the most serious warning sign as this can affect the people around you as well. You are in mood doesn’t have to mean that you sexyal partner should also bend down to your demands. And when they don’t, it just fuels you around. You take it as an insult and cannot accept the reality making you a fire-spewing dragon.


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