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 Just-A-Minute! Gel-Nail Polish

Ellement Co.’s Professional Range: Technology has always been a boon making our lifestyle simpler. It always makes our day-to-day life fast and it is definitely worth every single penny we pay for it. Similarly, Ellement Company is here to solve all your manicure woes with their travel essential ‘Just-A-Min Gel’ kit. It is an all in one nail gel kit that helps in easy application and offers a salon quality gel manicure.

The best part about is the EL L.E.D. lamp that comes along with the kit. It is basically an UV Ray enhanced small machine that helps us in drying the nail paint within 60 secs. All you have to do is apply the gel and keep the nails under the rays. It also has a timer and will automatically go off after 60 secs. Although this highly glossy gel color glides right on and stays in place for up to 3 weeks with no chipping, the quality of the gel is not that great. Even if we overuse the L.E.D Lamp, then it removes the shine from the paint. All-in-all, the kit is a healthy way to take care of your nails and the cost is also reasonable. So let’s welcome UV Rays to whoosh away our nail tantrums.

Price of Ellement Co. Just-A-Minute Gel Nail Polish : Rs 6600


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