8 Apps You Need To Have With You On Your Next Trip

The most important thing that independent technology must have given is the quick access improve the well-being and to maintain a healthy way of living. When we talk about health, it’s not just about the weight-loss and dieting, it is also about physical fitness and mental health. It is so difficult to maintain a work-life balance these days that often people just end up being stressed out. But thanks to the technology, we can totally rock our careers without getting sick as it will keep a check on us. Let’s see how technology helps us develop better habits that are also easier with the help of technology.

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1. 30/30 Timer App

This app can be high for people with OCD. It helps you organize your day-to-day tasks within an interval of 30 mins. So people who get easily distracted or are stuck in multi-tasking can keep their work on time by using this app. There are people who tend to procrastinate, losing the track of time and hence delaying the work. You can set up your task and also customize it with colors. It will help you get going and remind you all the pending work like your MOM!

2. Pacifica App

Mood disorders are something that most people are affected with, but only a few are aware of it. It can be nervousness, anxiety, depression, negative thought pattern and what not. Pacifica tracks your mood patterns and also gives the stats for the unusual behavior. By taking a look at the underlying habits such as how we sleep, how much we eat which it also records. The apps will also recognize and change the negative thoughts into a positive one which is a key factor while we make an effort to live better.

3. Headspace App

This is an app that everyone should have it right now. We are so addicted to our phone these days that we don’t even put it down while pooping. And the worst part is that we know about this addiction but also are helpless most of the times. It will help you to get a moment of peace and clarity while doing your daily task. Meditating is the trending talk of the town but no one knows how to go about it. This app helps you to take out time for 10 mins that will be the game changer of the day.

4. Brightnest

Saving money on our luxurious lifestyle can be difficult. Do you often get stuck in between making your homes greener and budgeting? You can enter your personal goals and stages in the app and it will provide you with objectives divided according to your schedule. It will also help you to keep a look over your expenses and will remind you of your current budget everytime you pay.


Didn’t we all want a stylist to give us some beauty advice everytime we went for some beauty shopping? HiMirror will give you details about the wrinkles, fine lines, aging signs, dark circles, dark spots and gives you suggestions on what to do otherwise. The HD camera feature analyzes your skin without having to rush to a parlor for your silly queries. So that would make the situation easier when you are traveling or are in a new place where we don’t have to depend on any particular beautician.

6. Cleverpet

Having a pet is the most wonderful feeling in the world and everybody wants to own one. But most of the people avoid doing it because we don’t want to leave it alone in our big house while we go to work. But now technology has come up with a gadget that can entertain your pet when you are busy. CleverPet has a simple memory game for your pet that rewards it with a treat for the right answer. Your pet will be busy with the gadget and you don’t have to worry about it being lonely anymore.

7. Elevate App

Even after getting a formal education, we constantly have to keep on learning to hone our skills. But due to our fast-paced lives, we don’t get enough time to even read a book. So how do we do it? Yes. We do have an app where we can improve ourselves academically with their features like fundamental reading, writing, comprehension, and math. Elevate makes it all look productive and fun and mind you, it is very addictive! It is now the top grossing app under the Editor’s choice category and has received a lot of positive responses as well.

8. my fitness pal

We are so into junk food which is the major risk factors for a range of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and other conditions linked to obesity. One more main problem behind this is that we don’t know how much calories are there in the food we eat. My Fitness Pal will enable you to calculate the calories in the food you eat. So this will help us keep a check without restricting the freedom to eat.

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