5 Ways To Keep Your Cool At Workplace

In a world where everybody is running straight 9-5 to touch the sky, we often forget to realize that we ourselves let the negative pressure to constantly pull us down. Especially in an environment when there are multiple energies like a workplace, you just end up being confused on how to react and whom to follow. So we have listed out 5 lifesaver things to do, to free yourself from the negative energy and keep your sanity Intact.

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1. Do not listen too much to others

This is a key rule while you are working. There will be many people around you to come and share their so-called ‘gyan’ and tell you what to do. Let them say and leave. All you have to do is listen to what you like with one ear and release the unwanted preachings through the other ear.

2.Focus on the process, not on the outcome

If we don’t enjoy what we are doing then the result won’t be the one we expected. We always tend to be hard on ourselves in order to achieve our goal and get depressed when we don’t get it. Hence one should always focus on the process than the outcome.

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3. It is OK to make mistakes

It is said that ‘Failures can teach you things that success never can’ and that is how life works. Everybody who has reached heights must have gone through failure at least once. The tip would be to see failing at work sanity failure simply as a feedback on what you need to improve on and everything will be positive again.

4. Just do it

Stop procrastinating RIGHT NOW right now and do what you always wanted to do. We often stay back by overthinking the entire thing (in our head) and get little done letting the pressure to build up. So next time, spontaneous and do it.

5. Do not take things too seriously

Life is too short to be serious all the time. If thinking that the sky will fall down if something goes wrong is inaccurate, and most of the times are inside outside of your own head. So it’s very important to take things on a light note while working, thus creating a happy atmosphere.

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