5 best recent TED Talks picks

Everyone knows that TED talks are the most sure-shot and motivating sources of enlightenment. They’re so inspiring that it gets hard to stop after starting the chain. But in a sea of so many online, it can get overwhelming. To help you start your TED viewing journey, we made you a list of some of the most recent TED talks to watch and gain some inspiration.

  1. “Thoughts on Humanity, Fame and Love” – Shah Rukh Khan

Known for his natural knack for mesmerizing with his words, it wasn’t a surprise at all when Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan gave his TED talk and won hearts as always. In his entertaining talk, Khan recalled growing up in India as a young teenager who’d lost both of his parents. He narrated his experiences moving to Mumbai and feeling like his dreams had come true. Describing humanity as an aging movie star as he self-described himself, his talk covered his thoughts on life, the internet, dance, and finding a sense of self.

  1. “The Future we’re building – and boring” – Elon Musk

A mind so brilliant can possibly not give an uninteresting TED talk and we’re right. Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about the many projects he’s working on at any given moment. That includes driverless cars, going to Mars, and the future of LA traffic (or the lack of it) thanks to his tunnel-carving enterprise – the Boring Company. The entrepreneur is called the one to shape up our future and he talks about his plans for the future and how he hopes to make it better.

  1. “Why you should define our fears instead of your goals” – Tim Ferriss

Investor and author Tim Ferriss who is a self-proclaimed guinea pig spoke about his preference of the process of using the technique of “fear-setting,” rather than goal-setting, to make progress in his life. According to him, fear can strongly hold a person back towards making any progress and hence it becomes essential to manage them on a priority basis. To quote him, “I can trace all of my biggest wins and all of my biggest disasters averted back to doing fear-setting at least once a quarter.”

  1. “Don’t feel sorry for refugees, believe in them” – Luma Mufleh

Founder and director of a non-profit organization that works with boys and girls who have been displaced by conflict in their home country, Luma Mufleh works to spread awareness about the sufferings of such children. As quoted by her, “But what I get to see every day is hope, resilience, determination, a love of life and appreciation for being able to rebuild their lives.”

  1. “Don’t fear intelligent machines, work with them” – Garry Kasparov

This TED talk can sure be called a reference to the time when one of the greatest chess players ever, Garry Kasparov, lost a match to IBM’s Deep Blue robot twenty years ago. As he likes to say, it was a humbling experience and also believes that it is one that would only keep happening far more often with the advent of tech and passage of time. His talk encourages people to be more accepting of technology and also think differently about a robot-dominated future. He urges people to be more open to their existence instead of seeing AI as a force of evil.

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