5 Apps A Foodie Cannot Miss

There is an application for everything and anything – be it health, art, business, fashion and much more. But who could have thought that one-day we will have applications for food? If you ask any foodie, they will introduce you to a plethora of apps that will please your taste buds till the end. We let our inner geek along the gluttony take over and make a list of the best five apps that will be every foodie’s best friend.


If you love authentic traditional recipes, then Cookpad is the application made for you. You can easily find, share as well as publish the recipes and photos for everyone to enjoy. Cookpad has a recipe for everything, be it a busy monday night or Christmas evening. It has a diverse community where everyone can find and interact with other foodies!


Gone are the days when your fridge was fully stocked and yet you wouldn’t cook because you do not have any recipe. Handpick aims at reinventing cooking with all the ingredients present in your fridge as well acts as your perfect shopping companion. Handpick features all the trending recipes from all the leading websites around the world. It also helps you buy ingredients with which you can cook 3 meals and once you put in the ingredients you have, the app will suggest a recipe you can easily cook!

Vivino Wine Scanner

Everyone likes drinking wine yet there are instances when we end up buying wine which tastes awful. For the uninitiated, Vivino Wine scanner will help you identify the quality of the wine and help you predict if you will like the bottle of wine or not. You can easily get reviews of the wine along with its rating and price as well here To use Vivino Wine Scanner is like having your own personal wine connoisseur at your fingertips.

Mixology Drink and Cocktail Recipes

Are you an aspiring bartender or a fullfledged mixologist at home? Then Mixology drink and Cocktail recipes is a must-have application for sure. The quirky application has everything that you are looking for. From bartending tips and tricks to finding recipes with the ingredients you have, it is a pandora’s box that everyone who loves boozing should own.

Food Network In the Kitchen

Food Network is the reigning channel at every foodie’s channel list. Keeping that in mind Food network has a mobile application which ensures that every fan of the channel can not only relish the fancy recipes but also easily cook them. Now you can easily recreate your favorite chef’s recipe with the help of just one application as well as share them for everyone!


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