How to use your old Android device in creative ways!

We don’t blame you for wanting a new phone every week looking at how many brands have surfaced in the market, each selling amazing phones. And if you were to get yourself a new phone as frequently as you’d like to, then you’d end up with a lot of old smartphones at your house. Normally, you’d discard them or sell them off thinking what good would they be. However, your old phone could be more useful to you than you think. How? Read-

  1. Reframe them into a full-time skype station

Permanently station one of your old phones as a go-to skype video calling centre. Not only does this let you use your phone while having a conversation on skype. It would also ensure that you never miss a call!

  1. Use them as alarms

The compulsion of having to keep the phone right next to you in order to be able to use the alarm clock is personally annoying for me. As an alternative, make use of your old phone as a standalone alarm. That will keep the resistance to check your notifications at bay and you’ll end up wasting less time on your phone.

  1. Convert them into dedicated music player

Make your old phone into your own repurposed, personal iPod by storing all your songs into them and listening to them on it. Also, store up all music streaming apps on it. You can also hook it up to your audio system and use your phone as a jockey.

  1. Permanent GPS for car

Repurpose your phone to permanently station it in your car to use it for directions as a navigation system every time you drive. This will rid you of the need to take your phone off each time for directions.

  1. Make them into a security camera

Your old phone came with 2 cameras one of which can very conveniently be used as a security, CCTV camera. Download apps like Perch or Presence and you’re good to hook up your camera with them to use them to keep an eye on your house/room/office when you’re away. This same setup can also be used as a baby monitor.

  1. Use them as a WiFi extender

You can root your device and use it to boost the WiFi signal throughout your house if you’re WiFI is weak. Simply install apps like fqrouter2 to pick up the signal and repeat it.

  1. Convert into a VR headset

A smartphone can give you a very satisfying VR experiences and all you need for that is a headset and some apps! Play smart and rid yourself of the extra expense and get those many VR apps available in the Play Store.

  1. Handover to children to use as tablet

Does your kid keep snatching your phone from your hand to use it? You can stop that by giving them their own little toy to play with. Hand them your old phone or tablet to use and it’s more than enough for your little one. You might have to delete apps that you don’t want kids to get access or create a new sign-in account for them. But it is a very resourceful bet as you can fill it up with kid-friendly and useful apps to ensure that learning is happening while playing!

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