14 Months of Being a Business Journalist

It has been exactly 14 months, 3 weeks and 61 days of me holding this position or designation as one might call it. For those of you at the other end, let me tell you that journalists are people in flesh and blood, and behind all the glamour lies a lot of hard work. Seriously guys, A LOT. Now, imagine I have been slogging through different phases of hard work for all these 14 months, 3 weeks and 61 days. Well, in case you are wondering the voyage is an easy one, my friend(s) you are highly mistaken. Please allow me to explain why.

This is just a snippet, the original one is much longer. Most people having a look at this would opine that writing this article is a child’s play. Believe me it is not. Behind every article, goes a lot of research, analysis, connecting with people.

Then again re-researching, re-analyzing, and reconnecting. And, finally, when you reach your destination, (as in think that your article is ready), you get a bolt from the blue. Yes, and that too after reading your own article! I guess this happens to every writer. While you are writing for a product, you feel immensely proud of yourself, as if you are writing for a novel. And, those moments of happiness last for barely 2 seconds. Yes, when you start proofreading, you are dumbfounded, your jaw drops and you hibernate. Most of the times (for me at least) nix becomes six, favour becomes savior, and let the rest remain unsaid.

Coming back to the point and my article, during my initial days, I was told that all my articles have to be factual and well researched. There were other restrictions like language tonality, and also how the article has to be written, keeping in mind the target audience. Usually, the target audience for business journals are serious people seeking information about the financial situations, thus no wasting time on flowery language or unnecessary exaggeration. Writing articles in the first place was too much a task, and then sorting it according to your readers’ preferences was on a different level altogether.

But things materialized eventually, and my business journalism days also became brighter with each passing day. People started approaching, event invites followed. The field is a lot more diverse than what I had anticipated. As you might have already guessed from the headline, this article is about journalism, towards which I have devoted 14 months. The journey has been smooth till now. And, I sincerely hope to excel with each passing day, so that maybe the next time I write an article, it is for 14 years, and counting. Till then, the journey continues…

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