13 Reasons Why? We Love/Hate Instagram

Love it

  • If you like clicking pictures, then Instagram is the perfect app for you as it is a platform to share your photographic skills and you’ll get feedbacks as well.
  • Instagram gives you an instant exposure to a lot of people which will help you increase your business on social media.
  • Using the correct Hashtag (#) on your post can easily improve your position in the search results and everybody using the same hashtag can come across your posts.
  • If you like somebody’s post then you can use the ‘repost’ app to share their post on your profile to let the world know about it and vice versa.
  • Since it is linked to other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has a larger reach and your posts can be easily shared on all your other social media accounts with just one click.
  • Instagram enables you to post content in the form of stories which will last for only 24 hrs after posting and with the new updated setting, you can now even save your stories in your Instagram profile.

Hate It

  • Instagram portrays a deceptive image, which has resulted in users of Instagram experiencing anxiety and self-depreciation.
  • The false advertisement misleads the users to third party apps which sells counterfeit products, damaging the reputation of the brands amongst the consumers.
  • The ever-changing algorithm of the Instagram limits the reach of good content to the audience. It also alters the order in which the posts are appearing on the feed.
  • The lack of confirmation while reposting has resulted in users stealing photos and portraying them as their own.
  • The usage of Instagram is limited to smartphones with IOS or Android OS, while users of Blackberry and Windows smartphones do not have access to the official Instagram application.
  • The increasing bots on the Instagram hampers with the usage of the application, slowing down the application as well as the smartphone in many cases.

What we agree on

Despite having mixed opinions from the users, Instagram is the most popular photo sharing application across the globe and is secured compared to other applications.


– Curated by Gayathri & Maitri

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