13 Reasons Why? We Love/Hate Apple iPhone

Love It

  • The iPhone is intuitive, it’s simple and the design is so tasteful that it sucks you in. It still remains the easiest phone to use till date as it works pretty much same as it did way back in 2007. Pick it up, turn it on, and touch the app to open.
  • Your fingerprint data, as well as the new Face ID data on the iPhone X, will be stored on the iPhone and not on a cloud server, keeping your data with you always.
  • Most of the popular apps are on both platforms, but many top games and apps still come to iPhone first. For example, we still see some new Snapchat features and Spotify features come to iPhone before Android.
  • We all know Apple is the most expensive phone in the market. However, there is no doubt about it, the iPhone has much better resale value than any other Android or Windows.
  • The iPhone X’s A11 Bionic Chip marks the most powerful processor in Apple’s history. With this latest chip, Apple has turned everything upside down. The A11 Bionic, as shown by Apple during its presentation, is capable of running 600,000 million operations per second.
  • Everyone will agree that Apple provides the best firmware support. It is clearly evident that Apple still gives firmware updates to even 5 years old Apple iPhone 5s.

Hate It

  • Apple’s notification system is the worst when compared to Android. For e.g. if I received 100 Likes on Instagram, the iOS will show 100 individual notification.
  • Apple’s iPhone is the most expensive smartphones currently available in the market. Even a four-year-old iPhone 6 will cost you more than the newly launched mid-range Android smartphone.
  • Apart from setting the wallpaper, there is nothing major we can customize on an iPhone. You can achieve deep customization only if you are willing to Jailbreak your expensive Apple device.
  • Apple doesn’t appreciate users to fix their Apple device through 3rd party repair shop. They make it more difficult by limiting components availability.
  • Apple removed the most beloved headphone jack from iPhone. They took the alternative approach and offered lightening to 3.5mm adapter.
  • Apple clearly wants you to purchase all media content through iTunes, and so it makes it as difficult as possible to view non-iTunes content.


What we agree on

Despite having mixed opinions, we both agree that Apple iPhone is the luxurious gadget you dream of owning one.


– Curated by Shintu & Harsha

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