11 Instagram Profiles You Need To Check If You Love Travelling!

Do all those pictures of huge mountains and floating water give you goosebumps? If yes. then you are just at the right page. Capturing the feel of the amazing locations and making everyone travel along with you online can be a task. Hence, we have gathered a list of Indian travelers who are killing it on Instagram with their breath-taking pictures and heart-warming perspective and prove that travel photography is a skill that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Let’s have a look!

1. @prashanthvishwanathan

His posts are filled with intense human stories which create magic even on unexpected corners hence bringing out a precious story in a single frame. His travel expeditions will simply take your breath.

Nothing to be said …. only experienced.

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2. @abhiandnow

He just makes us envy by uploading his cozy times with the hills of North India. This traveler shares a piece of his life through small stories which draw our attention to the realities of life.

Do you want to travel to Spiti with me this September, as I once again collaborate with @spitiholiday? . . . . The lure of the middle land is always there, even if we don't recognise it, there's always a string pulling us towards the unknown that's out there, and that's what Spiti is, a beautiful unknown. And so you can join me again this September, to witness this land the way I've seen it, by visiting all my favourite places and unexplored parts around this upper Himalayan region. From gazing at stars to camping in the wilderness to staying with the monks and conversing about life with them to experiencing life in local homestays in faraway villages of Spiti, and visiting some of the unexplored trails and lakes of this region. . . . Trip dates: 12th-22nd September Route: Manali to Manali . . To book your trip, you can either click on the link in my about me or just drop a mail mentioning 'Spiti Photoexploration trip' at

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3. @neelimav

This feed will keep you hooked in a way where you can’t help but press the ‘see more’ button again. Neelima Vallangi is popular in the Indian travel community and her love for the mountains is pretty evident in her pictures.

To write or not to write about Kashmir? . Two days ago I posted an ambiguous statement on my Instagram stories about this and many of you reached out [very politely if I may add- you guys are the best :)] to understand more.​ Here's the gist of all those conversations. . Well of course we should all write about Kashmir. The beauty of both the land and its people is incomparable​, and I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could​. What I meant was that the stories should be rooted in reality and not fantasy. Especially with Travel Writing, I have high expectations that we’re told real stories of beauty, hope, heartbreak and resilience, all of which we’ll abundantly experience in Kashmir. My tirade is against advertising style travel writing with flowery words and all good things, which rings as shallow especially considering the turbulent situation on ground. The lived experience of millions of Kashmiris shouldn’t be erased or ignored for the sake of tourism. Don’t you think it’d be ​rather egotistical of us to sing high praises of the landscape, how we had such a good time so​ on​ and so forth,​ ​and​ ​then​ ​ignore the​ ​plight of the​ ​​people​ ​altogether?​ At the same time, there's no need to don the fictional hat of a reporter and talk about the conflict. My only expectation is acknowledge hardship if you see it just the same way we would acknowledge kindness if it comes our way. . Travel Writing should​ inspire, yes, but also​ inform reality. Advertising should sell​​. Both are fine in their own place. I have a problem when advertising substitutes​​ travel writing. Which is​ ​most of our current travel writing ​​anyway, but it is jarring to see it happening with places of conflict and/or poverty. ​The caveat here is, this is ​purely ​my personal ​expectation from good travel writing. You are free to agree/disagree. ​​:)

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Shivya Nath is India’s most celebrated travel blogger and she never fails to surprise us with new and stunning destinations with the most picturesque locations.

  • 1,280 posts

5. @ravivora

His account is wanderlust which will make us wanna leave everything and dwell into a different world altogether. Based in Los Angeles, his Instagram pictures is as magical as it can get.

  • 2,392 posts

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Zaid Salman just captures the intricacies of life through various objects that will definitely remind you of love. Once you start going through his feed, you will realize what dreams are made of.

  • 661 posts

7. @mishti.and.meat

This feed will make you want to pack your bags and run away to the mountains and a scenic view turns into poetry written with a camera through her lens.

  • 1,133 posts


Shailja captures the road less traveled and has visited up to 28 countries and more than 50 cities. Her vibrant feed will become a doorway to the world for you.

  • 626 posts
  • 12.3k follower


Neha proves that the beauty of the Himalayas is everlasting and her perspective is so apt that although we might have seen the Himalayas through pictures yet she makes it look fresh all over again.

  •   890 posts


Kamya documents the stories of places, as she travels around the globe. She is known to tell the stories of lanes, buildings, rivers, and beaches that will keep you glued to her account.

  • 599 posts


Tushar reminds us to see the beauty in our day-to-day Mumbai street life and also takes his camera to distant picturesque locations on the map of India. His feed makes you discover the beauty in ordinary life.

  • 757 posts

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