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saif2Ask him anything under the sun and he will surprise you with a number of answers you probably haven’t thought of with a pinch of devilish humour. His royal lineage can definitely be seen from the way he walks, talks and treats those around him. Our Agent Vinod doesn’t really take questions seriously. As we try to interview him in his vanity, the light-hearted Saif Ali Khan spills out the beans. He is all set for his upcoming release Phantom and opens up to us on his love for video games and comics.“Classy”is one word definitely invented for him. This Bullet Raja carries himself amazingly well in blazer suits and looks hot as hell. As we all know, Saif went on to challenge the idea of a conventional film hero combining comic roles in commercial films such as Kal Ho Na Ho and Hum Tum with portrayals of subversive characters in Being Cyrus and Omkara. He loves experimenting and is completely a director’s actor.We can truly vouch for saying that he is a one-take artist. On camera, firstly he makes himself comfortable and then continuously gives us a series of amazing shots. Having the ChoteNawab of Bollywood do our Special Anniversary Cover is indeed one of the best things that has happened to us. We love his quirkiness and how he manages to showcase tiny elements of his superb acting skills, all the time, throughout the conversation. Saif, you a truly WAOOOOO!!!!ExhibitHow did the role in Phantom find you?Saif : Kabir Khan wanted to work with me. This profession is a director’s medium. So, I am very fortunate and really kind of privileged that after making one of the biggest hits in Indian cinema, Kabir wanted to makePhantom with me which definitely had put a lot of responsibility on me and it was a great honor too. So, that’s how it happened. I think Kabir and I even spoke about it once when he had come to check if Ek Tha Tiger was anything like Agent Vinod. We were waiting to work together since a very long time but due to some or the other thing, it dint work out. I was offered his first filmKabul Express also but I dint have the dates to do it. I was also offeredNew York but that was Karan Johar’s film and at the same time I was doing Karan Johar’sKurbaan. Adi was making New York. So, I found them abit similar on script level and I rightly or wrongly choseKurbaan.Exhibit : How do you think technology has evolved in film making in the last 5 years?Saif : Cameras have changed. It’s become digital. There has been a revolution. We don’t use film anymore. That’s the main thing I feel. The whole camera is changed. It’s all become a digital set up. Special effects have taken over. Clean up is done on the screen. Artist’s faces are getting touched up. CG as in computer rendering of things that aren’t real but look real. So there is a tremendous amount of technology change in movies.Exhibit : What games do you generally play on your phone?Saif : I don’t play any games on my phone. I play games on my PS3 and on my desktop. I like games like Wolfenstein and First Person Shooters. I used to like Mist, which is a mystery quest kind of game.Exhibit : Do you put in a lot of research for your roles?Saif : Depends on the role. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. If you find that the character is a bit like you, then you don’t need to. But you know SujoyGhosh’smovie that I am doing next will require some research and imagination.Exhibit : Which apps would we find on your phone?Saif : Blackberry, that’s all I have. (Laughs). I also have the dictionary, e-mail and BBC world.Exhibit : What’s your take on selfies these days? How often do you take a selfie?Do you get annoyed when a fan asks you for a selfie?Saif : I can’t believe that something has caught on so strongly and it stays caught on for so long. I think selfies are great though I never take selfies myself. You should ask my wife. She definitely takes more than I do. The rela-tionship of a fan and celebrity is very delicate &special .Can’t be annoyed with fans you see, it’s a privilege.Exhibit : Have you ever been a victim of Tech pranks?Saif : No, but I have had my email account hacked more than once.Luckily, nothing beyond that. I don’t really have a social media site for my pictures to get leaked or something.Exhibit : Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Coffee shop?Saif : I think a coffee shop. How about a bar? (Haha) Coffee shop is a bit kind of college.Exhibit : We know you must be having a harem of cars? But what’s your favorite and which is the next set of wheels you plan to invest in?Saif : I don’t know. I love them all. (Haha) That’s the point of having an harem. I don’t want to invest in cars for a while. I am quite sorted. There is a BMW 7 Series and a Range Rover, a Ford Mustang and an Audi R8. I need a job. (laughs)saif3Exhibit : One tech gadget you have set your eyes on?Saif : Your recorder which is recording all these and must have many uncut conversations.Exhibit : One obsolete tech gadget that you want to get from 10 years back?Saif : The first kind of gaming console. Atria [ or something ]

Exhibit : 10 years ago, what invention were you rooting for, which doesn’t exist yet?

Saif : Probably, a flying car.

Exhibit : Can you envisage what kind of environment it will be 10 years from now?

Saif : I think people would be dying on the high ways of Delhi because there is going to be so much of pollution. Unless somebody does something smart and cleans out the kerosene + boot polish mixture that people are putting in trucks that are killing people. That was not really to do with the question but on a serious note, I feel that there would be smarter weapons, drones and machines without men of mass destruction and war fare. Most of the technology is going to go into that area. Virus wars!!!

Exhibit :  A Tech you would want to invent for the greater good?Saif : Something that doesn’t pollute the atmo sphere when you ride in a petrol driven car. Like a De-polluter.Exhibit : If we at exhibit comes up with a sci-fi movie and would like to offer you the lead role, would you give us your dates for it?Saif : Depends on what it is obviously. If it’s Blade Runner, then yes. Ifit is a computer technician (haha) then I would definitely say no.Exhibit : Do you like reading? Tell us some books that you want us to read?Saif : Yes, I do. I love reading.The Island of the Day Before would be one of them. Also Foucault’s Pendulum because I really haven’t understood it. I have read it twice and I still couldn’t understand it. It’s a book on conspiracy.Exhibit : Whats’ next from SAIF?Saif : Sujoy Ghosh’s film, an adaptation of The Devotion Of Suspect, a Japanese superhit thriller.Exhibit : What’s you take on online shopping?Saif : I think online shopping is great. I usually shop at I buy books, films, games and music online. However, I don’t buy too many gadgets online. My wife keeps buying clothes so we always have a box turning up at our place.Exhibit : Tell us why do you love Exhibit?Saif : Because, I like gadgets and technology gives me a high .And Exhibit is the perfect place where “tech meets lifestyle” . I also think technology is a wonderful extension of human consciousness and such a remarkable tool. When I was a kid, we used to import video games. I used to smell the polystyrene on the electronics. I used to really like the smell of the brand new battery getting clipped into a plastic game. So, its like I love gadgets. In those days it was cool. Now, we should make an effort sometimes to get out of the house also. Commune with nature, ride a bicycle; otherwise we spend too much time on gadgets.To view behind the scenes photos, Click here.

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