What You Should Know About iPhone 8

As Apple celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its much loved phone this year, we can’t help but wonder if this would be a special model, bringing “something new” to the table. While there are two sides to the argument, one of which is not sure what novelty could the new edition bring considering the innovations already introduced by rival brands. So, looking at how many rumours are surrounding the release of the much-awaited iPhone 8, it only makes sense to track them down to see if they’re true and see what the actual scenario is. So far, this is all we know-

  1. Apple might skip its tradition of introducing an S series by skipping what could’ve been an iPhone 7S to directly launch the iPhone 8
  2. The new model is speculated to release in September, 2017
  3. Its price is speculated to go up to $1,000
  4. The screen would come with an OLED, edge-to-edge, curved display and no home button
  5. The storage is going to be huge coming with 3GB RAM and storage starting from 64GB going up to 256GB
  6. It is also rumoured to have wireless charging and a better battery life
  7. Have a 3D front-facing camera could replace Touch ID
  8. It would have a next generation processor
  9. Enhanced resistance to water and dust
  10. Dual lens camera

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