What You Should Be Drinking This New Year’s Eve

New Years is that time of the year when you bid adieu to the goods and the bads of the year, drink away the past and beckon the New Year with optimism (and of course, all those New Year resolutions that most probably don’t get worked upon). And while you’re at that, you’d definitely want alcohol because what’s a party without it? But hey, with so many options, you don’t want to be stuck picking the drinks all night while you should be buzzing, right? So, making life easier and making your New Year’s Eve more happening than it would otherwise be, here’s a list of the best alcohol drinks curated specially for you to bring in the New Year in the best possible way.

1. Tequila

You can never go wrong with tequila be it in the form of a cocktail or bottoms up, neat shot. Although you might not want to start with a Tequila shot, it’s the safest bet in a party. Tequila cocktails can be given a fruity twist by adding fruit syrups or sauces. Cranberry Margarita is a popular Tequila cocktail that consists of ice, cranberry sauce and Tequila. It also tastes delicious when mixed with Champagne, lime juice and triple sec to form a completely different Champagne cocktail and that brings us to the next type- Champagne.

2. Champagne

For those who came in with the intention of having a wild New Year’s Eve party, Champagne might not be a choice of preference to go all out as they empty shots one after the other, but it’s definitely a popular choice. This New Year, you can either chug down glasses of champagne or go for other fancier cocktail options like Champagne punches. A range of different flavors can be mixed with champagne to produce a delicious punch, Pineapple Coconut Punch being one of the interesting flavors. Champagne is also quite often mixed with a sugar cube and Cognac to make a very interesting cocktail. Your champagne cocktail can also taste fruity if you go for a Sorbet Champagne Cocktail. And then, there’s always Mimosas to never let you be in the party sans alcohol.

3. Cocktails

Cocktails are a sure shot safe bet for those who love their drinks with a bit of flavor and for those who just like to have fun. We’ll start with the Long Island Iced Tea, which is a wild kid’s drink and a mélange of Tequila, Vodka, Light Rum, Triple sec and Gin. Next is Cosmo, a popular one amongst the girls which consists of Vodka, Triple sec, Cranberry juice and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice. A favorite among the bartenders is French 75 that’s made of Cognac, simple syrup, lemon juice topped with Sparkling Wine. You can also call for The Maxwell which is made of Vodka, cucumber juice, Cointreau, agave nectar and Champagne.

4. Whiskey

Whiskey is for you if you belong to the group that loves to sit down with their drinks as they revel in really good alcohol and do not have quite the taste for cocktails. Just sit down with a bottle of quality single malt whiskeys like Oban, Macallan, Cardhu, Glen and Caol Ila and your night’s made. You can also go for an old fashioned cocktail made of sugar cube, angostura bitters and bourbon.

5. Vodka and Jagerbombs, Sangria

If it’s a party, there’s music, you want to go wild and your friends are no less, then pick ‘em shots up and gulp them down, bottoms up. You can never go wrong with shots. And honestly, imagine a party without shots! Kamikaze shots are a popular bar option with Vodka being the base for cranberry and lime flavors. And of course, you would definitely not want to skip a couple Jagerbombs which are a combination of Jagermeister and Red bull (or any other energy drink). You can also try shots that are house mixes of flavored liquids with alcohol. In addition to these, party goes also opt for Sangrias as a go-to drink all through the night. Additionally, a lot many people and popular bartenders also prefer to stick to Beers from breweries.

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