Watch Focus: Victorinox Alliance Chronograph

Intuitive, Individual, Immaculate

Performance is the signature of these Swiss made Alliance Chronographs that achieve their very own work-life balance. They’re reliable, sleek, and stylish. They also accurately target the wearer’s dual-edged desire for a watch that masters everyday adventures and integrates timeless visual appeal.

What does it look like?

Attention to detail is what forms the identity of the chronograph. It has a symmetrical dial and texture that forms a key element of the watches’ appearance. The grainy leather straps with two single stitches and a raw cut edge underline the message of meticulous minimalism. The dial color palette comprises silver-grey, black, brown and midnight blue and an elegant golden inner rim. It also comes with a monochromatic metallic finish.

The new Victorinox Alliance Chronographs thus captures, claim and communicate the essence of time!


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