Green is the new Cool



Traveling green may take a little extra care and effort initially. However, it won’t be long before traveling green becomes your second nature, and these extra steps will certainly enhance every trip you take. Travelling green can make you feel really nice about your travels. Additionally, a thoughtful eco-friendly trip will also leave a more positive response on the place you visited, which often leads to having more succintive experiences along the way.

What to do at the planning stage?

First and foremost, you need to choose an ethical travel destination. Independent nonprofit organization Ethical Traveler is an association that ranks destinations every year by their eco-friendly standards, social welfare and human rights record.

Pick a green hotel

How to pick a green hotel, we hear you ask. If you want to stay at a certified green hotels, there’s a website called the LEED Certified buildings ( leed). It has a listings of hotels that use renewable energy, recycle, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Choose a green tour company

One of the best ways to make sure that your money is doing the most for your destination’s economy is by going with an independent local guide. And if you are planning to go with a tour company, then make sure it offers the following particulars:

  • The tour agency should promote its ethical practices.
  • The company uses green office products.
  • It is quite apparent how they are contributing to the community.
  • They take care of the local flora and fauna.

Go green while you’re on the road

Make sure you use public transport, or a bike or walk. Don’t make use of plastic bottles.

Eating locally garnered food will help you embrace the culture as well as contribute to the community in one way or the other.

Always do your homework with regards to your tour by keeping in mind the people or animals.


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