To believe or not?

TVF Founder Arunabh Kumar accused of molestation by multiple women

Those of you who follow social media ardently know what the talk of the town at the moment is. Owner of the popular YouTube channel TVF, Arunabh Kumar has been accused of molestation by an ex-employee. As audiences and social media raged like wildfire, an addition of one more person accusing him of a similar thing only worsened the matter.

The ex-employee penned out an elaborate letter describing her story which. Reema Sengupta, a director who worked with TVF, wrote out a post giving out support to the employee saying it was time she said it.

The defense reaction was, we would expect, defensive. Inviting legal action and investigation of the case, Founder Arunabh Kumar denied the accusations as false asking for an inquiry to be started. TVF workers went ahead to show support for their channel Founder by being very vocal about the fact that they have absolutely no memory of the existence of an employee like that.

They even went ahead to say that it was a very well orchestrated move on the part of haters who have gone ahead to stoop so low.

While people from both the for and against sides go deeper into the fight, it sure gets hard to believe the truth. While the glamour world is full of stories like these, it does make us wonder at the amount of truth in this story.

Read the letters here-

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