The office, The Work And The Devil ?

We spend 50% of our time in office accompanied by colleagues and bosses. The hot topic of every employee is our bosses giving a terrible time. Yes, you read it right and you hate it, but you agree and work day and night because someone has to pay their bills. The leader and the sole driver of the organisation, and the one who decides the terror you will face while you are at the office. There are different types of bosses in every office, let’s delve deeper and find out the kind of devil we are living with.

work and devilTHE HUSTLER:

Is your boss pro at saving money and getting all the company requires by hook or crook? You could say he is a freeloader, but, you know he is actually very smart and efficient at getting things done. To do so, the employees are always stepping out of their professional boundaries which gets to you. If your boss is of the hustler, be patient. Chances are you might be asking for anything, it will take a long time for it to happen. One thing you will surely learn is, to make things work!


As the name suggests; the dominator has to control anything and everything. He will point out mistakes in everything because he is the boss after all. Why would the employees do anything right? The dominator will give you a tough time and you know it. He has the last word in every meeting and every decision. Not to forget the dominators are always partial; if you are on the wrong side, my friend you will have a tough time. Beware of the dominator and don’t let him get to you. His wife is probably having an affair and giving you a tough time is his coping mechanism.


The boss who can spin words like a maestro! His speeches can move you tears and motivate you to work all day and all night, but that is it. Confused? The king of speeches is great at only one thing, the speeches. When it comes to action, he is useless. This is the boss who is late in every meeting and relies on his secretary and his juniors to save his ass all the time. When with him, you will feel great but he makes you work harder so you can pay his credit card bills. Beware of him, he will land you in places where you would never want to be in the first place.


This is the boss you remember for approving all your leaves and for paying your bill when you were out with your girlfriend on a date night. He is the person everyone likes to hang out with. The catch here is, his friendliness usually causes all the employees to lay back, directly hampering the productivity. If you have the pal boss, it is important you motivate yourself. Make the best of what you have by networking and keep your relationship intact with him. He will write a zealous recommendation letter with all the fancy adjectives in it for your next job.


The Godfather is the boss everyone deserves, but few have. He knows what to say and when to say. He is well aware of his employees’ capabilities and motivates them in the correct way. He is a smart worker and makes his employees do the same. He is fair and unlike the rest, he gives his employees the correct opportunity all the times. He will call you for a drink after a long day at work and discuss your future and potential. Be lucky if you have one because the godfather is going to shape you both personally and professionally!

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