The Jhakaas Gentleman- Anil Kapoor

After spending three superb decades in Bollywood, our cover star Anil Kapoor has proved his mettle in various spheres. His suave personality does not really compliment his street lingo Jhakaas, but the way he says it, it’s flawless. You would have always see him impeccably dressed, not a stitch less than what may qualify for being fashionably sophisticated. Anil simplifies all the mulling over his career graph by saying it has to do with his willingness to take risks. We completely agree with him on this. if you don’t take risks, then you are more at risk. after playing the underworld don Majnu Bhai in anees Bazmee’s welcome Back, Anil is getting ready for the second season of 24. In the second season, Anil will be playing a depressed alcoholic who has left the ATU.

The way our Mr. India rocks that sexy beard, it’s commendable. not to forget mentioning that, we are the first to disclose this secret look of his specially kept under wraps for 24. During the shoot, Anil wants the music off because of our serious theme. well, we don’t blame him for being a perfectionist. His key to survival is to listen and we would vouch for the fact that he is a pretty good listener. we enjoyed getting into a candid conversation with our versatile slumdog Millionaire star, Anil Kapoor.

Exhibit : After a smashing performance in Welcome Back, what’s next on the cards for AK?AK : 24, second season.So 24, didn’t you think it was huge risk to produce and act in Hindi, considering the impeccable plethora of movies you have done previously? ya, obviously, it was a big risk. Many movie actors and stars have done television previously, mostly reality shows. Nobody has really done fiction. Fiction is as good as playing a character. Usually on television, stars go and play themselves. Here, I am playing the character of Jai singh rathore. It was more time consuming. you are doing something on a small screen, which you have already done and are still doing on the big screen. It was one of the biggest risks of my career but it paid off.Exhibit : Been in the industry for a really long time, how would you explain the evolution in film-making?AK : Things definitely keep on changing over the years. Everything has become so digital. We no longer shoot on film. We shoot digital. So many film theaters and multiplexes have come up over the years. Considering the last five years, yes, there has been a lot of change in the industry.Exhibit : Tell about the first tech gadget you bought?AK : I was in London about 35 years back and I was really excited with the Panasonic 3 in 1. The task was that 1 had to get the Panasonic out of the customs. I remember that gadget very well because I got stuck for it and I remember paying Rs. 25,ooo as custom duty.Exhibit : How has tech changed your lifestyle?AK : Obviously tech today has changed everybody’s lifestyle. The only problem is that it’s more of an addiction now. especially when i work, before a film or after a film, I keep my phone outside my bedroom so that I can focus on my work.IMG_3661-edit-EditExhibit : Who is the biggest online shopper in the house?AK : I think all three ladies in the house compete with each other. I really don’t shop.Exhibit : Anil kapoor-the actor, the producer or the director?AK : I am not a director yet nor do I wish to be in the near future. That’s not my mind at all at the moment but you never know. (hehe) I am really happy producing films, television, digital content and of course acting in films and television.Exhibit : One role you wish you had done?AK : Christoph waltz, the guy who plays the villain in the movie inglorious Basterds. He even won an award for that at cannes.Exhibit : Are you fond of singing? Tell us one song, which is going through your mind right now?AK : I used to learn semi classical singing. right now, the song which is on my mind is the one my daughter has just done Dheere Dheere with Hritik. It’s already hit about 25 million hits. The song was a huge success in Aashqui and it’s still relevant.Exhibit : Have you ever been a victim of any tech prank?AK : No, not yet.Exhibit : If you had to invent a tech gadget for greater good, what would that be?AK : I think it would be a pocket sized Jammer so that I can jam whenever I feel like.Exhibit : If Exhibit comes up with sci-fi movie and we offer you the lead role, would you be up for it?AK : I feel India is still not ready for a sci-fi movie. But, of course I would love to do it because I haven’t really done sci-fi till date.Exhibit : One gadget you want to get back from the past?AK : I remember one of the first tape recorders Bundook. It was a very famous one. We used to record my film songs and my dads film songs on that. so that’s etched in my memory. I would like to have thatback.Facebook/Instagram/Twitter all three. More on instagram. Facebook, I have just started.Exhibit : Are you a very adventurous person? what kind of adventure plans do you have in the near future?AK : I am very adventurous. I want to take my wife all over the world and going with your wife itself is an adventure. (hehe) There are a few countries left to go. So, the next name on my map is Japan and greece.Exhibit : Do books inspire you ?AK : Unfortunately, that’s the only regret i have in my life that I have never been a reader. I only read things that are connected with my work. Biographies of actors, filmmakers, stories, screenplays. Any literature, any research, anything that I can get my hands on.Exhibit How do you manage to look so dashing ?AK : Are you just asking me because everyone else is? Hehe. First of all, thank you so much. I think it’s basically my lifestyle, which contributes to it. It includes sleep, diet, exercise, all positivity, the kind of person you are, everything.Exhibit : One life turning event which changed your life ?

AK : There have been quite a few of them. in school, there were so many things, which changed my life. Then in my university, then marriage, then when you have children and then you sign your first film, your first big hit, people you look up to or some people who you come across in your life. It can be anyone. every life event changes you.

Exhibit : Hollywood or Bollywood, which is more jhakaas?AK : Both are exciting that way. But definitely India is much more for me.Exhibit : Who is the hottest actress you have worked with?AK : I am still waiting for it. (hehe)Exhibit : Which is that one film which you would love to be a part of ?AK : Quite a few of them, however I would have loved to be a part of Mugal-e-azam and sholay.Exhibit : After doing it all, Hollywood and Bollywood, you have achieved it all, how do you feel about that?AK : You really think? I don’t. See, acting and film-making are like an ocean. so I think one lifetime is not enough for all of it.Exhibit : Start-ups are a buzz these days. Would you want to invest in any of the tech start-ups?AK : Yes it is. a lot of people have approached me for the same and I have been evaluating quite a few of them as well. I am definitely looking out for something different and new. Recently, there were these two guys who came up to me and they were making this app on which you could buy the clothes, you see on television. Like if you are watching a show and you like a particular dress, so you can instantly buy it using this app.Exhibit :What would you want your autobiography to be titled as?AK : To be honest, I haven’t really thought about that.Exhibit : Why do you love Exhibit ?AK : It’s different. In the clutter of all the magazines, it stands out. Technology today is like breathing.To view behind scenes photos, Click here.


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