The Idea Of Modern Feminist

She is smart, she is beautiful, she is strong, she is a giver, and she is a creator, she is a WOMAN! Sadly, she needs to prove her worth every time and she has been fighting for her identity for centuries. She doesn’t want a higher status in society but she often questions, why is she looked down upon as compared to her male counterparts? It’s been years now that women are facing denials for fundamental matters like education, work, pay, just to name a few.

The discussion for the rights of women is not new but “feminism” has certainly evolved globally and came a long way but the struggle continues. The recent feminist activities that strongly opposes sexual harassment and violence against women can be termed as the “Fourth Wave of Feminism”. The waves are basically the description and differentiation between different era and generation of feminism. There have been many public and essential discussions on global platforms for the intricacy of feminism.


We may call ourselves modern, but when it comes to getting opportunities, shamefully gender plays an important role. That’s not modernism! There are so many diverse cultures, but most of them are still male-dominated, and we have adapted to this so much that we don’t even realise that in most of the cases. If we talk about the professional world, in the majority of industries, women are either denied or underpaid at work because of their gender. Feminism doesn’t demand privileged rights for women because they are women, it just seeks equality in social, economic and political rights just like men and not just being objectified as “homemakers” or sexual objects. In fact, things are even worse when a girl child is killed only because she is a female whereas a male child is a reason for celebration.


The issue is that feminism became more of an opinion today rather than a concept. It is wrongly deviating from the real topic, and it’s more of a fight for being superior to men or if we could put it like the war of sexes. Feminism is not about “Man-haters” or it is a myth that men don’t support feminism. This has also raised a new trending term which is called “fake feminists”. And many people including women themselves have been capitalising this concept. Today, at times, the term feminism is diluted from women empowerment to women power and we see bra-burning feminists everywhere. Alongside the positive ideas, we often come across some negative or conflicting social media posts which hold no relevance with the modern feminist society. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but some genuine voices are often suppressed in the loud noises of opinions.

So, if feminists aren’t racists or imperialists then what exactly is the world of modern feminists all about? Time to find out!


The present world seems more compact and compassionate towards each other where a simple digital trend has the power to touch a million lives and where a rave for a cause can fetch supporters. The internet is flooded with articles, content, stories, experiences and people’s own version of feminism and never in the history of mankind has this topic been so openly a matter of discussion. Men and women are not the same physically or biologically but that doesn’t mean one gender is more superior than the other. The needs are different but the capabilities or potential is same and hence both have the right to equal exposure and equal opportunities without any biases or harassment.


1. Social Inequality

Social Inequality has always existed and is a harsh reality that has become a part of our DNA which makes it extremely difficult to change. Women are raised with a mentality of just getting married and having kids. Their right to education is another issue. 90% of women are still by default considered responsible for taking care of the home and raising the families. Bearing a child is a female’s responsibility but raising is for both men and women. A woman has been given a long list of standards by the society that defines her beauty her colour, her sexuality, her body-type and all their life they struggle to please others that can make her feel beautiful. Men face that as well, but way lesser than women. The modern feminists have the vision to eradicate the concept of social inequality and make it easier for women to co-exist the way they are without trying to fit into the society standards.

2. The Glass-Ceiling

The issue of glass-ceiling defines the inequality at work and professional sector where women either come with the extra baggage of their family and children or considered incompetent as compared to males. More than often, women are paid less for the same job as compared to men and after maternity, their careers are likely to see a negative graph than growing. This is another major challenge that modern feminists are fighting for. Women should be paid or considered for a job according to their capabilities, merit and talent, not because of their gender. Going by the stats, in most companies, the top management has a higher ratio of men than women, that for sure is changing but not as much as it should and that’s a matter of concern.

3. Harassment

It might be a fight for women to exist in the society and at the workplace for which she can struggle and get over but one major issue remains harassment of women physically and sexually. The key concern of modern feminists is to raise this issue and assure liberty to women from harassment. The rapes, mutilation, violence are painful and they don’t just hurt a body but also damage their souls. Things like these can never be a sign of a happy society. This is an important change that needs to be incorporated in the society as a whole and modern feminists have left no stone unturned to create an awareness or fight against sexual assault or violence against women. They have lent a voice to many women who couldn’t get the courage to stand up for themselves. How is modern feminism being helpful to society as a whole?

Undeniably, women are an integral part of a progressive society and if they are empowered, the society is bound to rise. Feminism is not just helping women but is a movement for all. The society has been portraying women as weaker sex and men are compared to women when they are considered weak. That’s the patriarchy society for you that is unfair on both men and women. Feminism on the other hand wants to get rid of this society where men showing emotions are considered weak and women with a voice are considered hurtful. Feminists support humanity and equality rather than a gender but yes they fight for women because uplifting women is a critical part of the movement. It is helping to build an environment where we see the strengths of women rather than making them an icon of weakness. They want to break the glass-ceiling so that the world is fair to both the genders.

This can only be done if we gracefully embrace the wave of feminism. It is about accepting the little issues fearlessly and doing our bit that might actually bring about change that will make the world a better place for both men and women because neither of them is complete without each other.

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