Tech Life Hacks 101

Internet is already way too magical to be true (but it is true) and then to top it, there are people who discover these simple tricks to use it and navigate it with more convenience and ease. These “tech hacks” are tricks you might not know about but you wish you did. While there are thousands of them online, to start off with, here are  some tech hacks that you can start incorporating in your life right away to make it much more easier and faster.

  1. Go incognito

If you’re apprehensive about anyone going through your search history, then you should start doing something you should’ve done long back- go incognito. Click on the options on the top task bar of your browser and select the option of “New Incognito Window”. This will not allow anyone to see what you search for thus ensuring your privacy.

  1. YouTube video and audio download

Downloading mp3 files of YouTube songs is the simplest and the most convenient option of getting your hands on music quickly. Same goes for videos. While there are sites that let you convert Youtube videos and audios, you can skip the stage of browsing another website by directly typing ss before youtube in the URL to download the mp4 file of the YouTube video and listento before youtube to download the mp3 version of the songs.

  1. Wikipedia nearby

One very amazing feature that Wikipedia offers is the Wikipedia nearby. Wikipedia suggests you all the places that you can visit around your current location. All you have to do is turn your location on and log into to your wikipedia account.

  1. YouTube search

Totally going to agree when you say the amount of times you have to search something on YouTube is massive and that it gets tiring to open the site again and again an go through the whole drill. What you can do instead is type the URL for YouTube in the address bar, press tab and the the name of the video you’re specifically looking to watch. Saves a lot of time.

  1. Apple earphone selfie

iPhone users have yet another reason to boast their phones (well not those with an iphone 7 because airpods and all). iPhone earphones allow users to click selfies using the volume + button. Crazy isn’t it?

  1. Free browser extension Hola

This hack has been around for a while and we must say, it’s good. For those websites that don’t allow people from other countries to browse the website can be like “take that website” by simply downloading a browser extension called “Hola” that not only allows users to stream certain restricted content on Netflix, but it also lets them use a whole list of restricted websites.

  1. Use the browser notepad

You want to quickly jot down something while you’re using your browser but you don’t have a pen, paper or even your notepad open. Worry not. You can make use of the notepad on your browser. To access it, all you have to do is type “data:text/html, ” into the address bar. Yes, we know it does take efforts to remember this text. But, of you do, it’s not a bad hack to use.

  1. Outsmart YouTube age requirement

While we’re hoping you’re a good kid otherwise, there’s no harm in wanting to watch content on YouTube that imposes a strict age restriction on those underage. However, there is a way to watch such videos without signing into your account. By adding “nsfw” before “youtube” in the URL link, you would be able to stream videos that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

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