Tech Diva of the month – The Beautiful Natasha Assadi


“ I am not the most techy person but I do believe we live in the era of modern and innovative technology, it fascinates me and I would love to keep learning more. 

She is the perfect personification of hot and sweet tagline. The 1st runner up of Miss Diva 2015 might not be a techy at heart, but she surely knows her love for the latest and the most luxurious gizmos. Let’s get cozy with our tech diva this month.

Exhibit : How techy are you?Natasha : Honestly, I am not the most techy person but I do believe we live in the era of modern and innovative technology, it fascinates me and I would love to keep learning more.

Exhibit : What’s that one gadget that you would like to gift your loved one?Natasha : Probably the new gold MacBook.

Exhibit : What games do you like playing on your phone?Natasha : I’m not a fan of games, I love Instagram but I’ve started enjoying angry birds – thanks to my friends!

Exhibit : Which color you think would make it big this season?Natasha : It’s summer time so our bright colors are out, I hope a nice yellow would be the perfect as this season’s color.

Exhibit : Do you plan to do movies in future?Natasha : Yes, you will be seeing me in a movie sooner than you think. I’m very excited and I hope I receive love from you guys.

Exhibit : A gadget that makes you go ‘wow’Natasha : The new levitating speakers are super cool!

1Exhibit : Weirdest pickup line you have come across?Natasha : There have been too many weird pick-up lines said to me and I would just want to say, all of those pick-up lines suck!

Exhibit : Not-so-common apps you use?Natasha : There are few apps I personally use and my favorites among those are all social media and news. I don’t use games much.

Exhibit : A piece of technology you fail to understand?Natasha : Can’t think of any at this moment! Guess, being a not-so-techy person makes me fail to understand many a technologies!

Exhibit : What would it take a man to woo you and get you week in your knees?Natasha : A sweet compliment with a kiss on my cheek. It’s quite simple with me just as long as it’s honest and from the heart. To view shoot photos, click here.


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