Swapnil Shinde – Fashion Designer

Exhibit: How would you describe your journey so far?

Swapnil: It has been adventurous, to say the least. When you pursue a competitive and dazzling industry, it is important to have a vision with a purpose or it will be practically pointless. It was a ride full of ups and downs but it was worth the hard work and the long hours and of course extremely purposeful.

Exhibit: How would you describe your style? 

Swapnil: Style is a subjective matter as well as ever evolving. It keeps changing but at the same time, the theme of every designer’s style will have a common ground. After constantly experimenting and designing I feel my designs are provocative with a hint of futurism.

Exhibit: If you could revive one fashion trend from the past, what would it be? 

Swapnil: 50s Hollywood glamour.

Exhibit: How would you describe the evolution of Indian fashion couture and where do you see it heading? 

Swapnil: Indian fashion couture I believe is a bit stagnant, all we see is ghaghra cholis. I feel Indian designers are capable of a lot more. We need to experiment more and try new things.

Exhibit: Swapnil Shinde and tech – Describe your relationship?

Swapnil: It always been a part of my personal DNA, from day one I have been fascinated with anything futuristic thereby inadvertently connected to tech. I wanted to be a pilot, then an aeroplane designer, and eventually a dancer and what I ended up being was a designer so all of them included study and application of exercise technology at a large scale. At present, I am updated with technology and I am constantly looking out to use more of it every day in all the aspects of my life.

Exhibit: What is the perfect way to blend tech and fashion, especially traditional Indian attire according to you?

Swapnil: Indian attire is its own independent style. But my idea is to keep it balanced. I am a pure traditionalist when it comes to Indian wear, I prefer to keep It that way it has always been to enjoy its ethnicity and essence of the traditional couture.

Exhibit: How has Technology impacted the fashion industry? 

Swapnil: Massively, on the one hand, production has become easier thanks to the new and danced forms of producing fabric, embroidery and machinery. Whereas social media has made it very easy to reach the consumers and get to know what they are expecting. In terms of business, technology has given the entire process a boost which was not possible at one time.

Exhibit: Which is the most advanced gadget that you use in designing?

Swapnil: My laptop.

Exhibit: According to you how does social media influence fashion trends? 

Swapnil: Social media plays a key role but I do feel it has two sides. Clients want to imitate anyone and anything without understanding individual personality and their taste. But then again social media allows us to dive deep into the minds of customers, especially the younger generation.

Exhibit: With the rise of social media, do you think it is more easy or difficult for designers to find their audience? 

Swapnil: Social media is defiantly playing a key role as far as reach is concerned. Today thanks to social media I can sit in my office and take orders from anyone and anywhere. From India and abroad I can set a global business in no time.

Exhibit: Best Piece of advice you have ever received? 

Swapnil: Patience is a virtue.

Exhibit: Words for aspiring fashion designers?

Swapnil: Never give up. Even if everything turns difficult and hard. It will get easier with time and once you have accomplished what you have envisioned, the entire struggle will be worth it.



Your Fashion Icon: Cate Blanchett

A ritual you follow before every show: A shot of tequila

Most fashionable gadget: Selfie stick

Beauty in one word: Overrated

Most overrated trend: Crop tops

Most Underrated trend: Lucknowi kurtas for women

A gadget on your wish list: Anything related to music

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