Swapna Anumolu – Fashion Designer

Exhibit: How would you describe your journey so far?

Swapna: My journey with Mishru started in late 2014. I’ve always been a creative person but never had the opportunity to explore much at school. I wanted to launch my own label since I was quite passionate about it. The journey so far has been great and in the process, I’ve explored my creative side.

Exhibit: How would you describe your style? 

Swapna: It has to be a contemporary Indian style. My collection reflects my style. It allows you a lot of room for creativity to intermingle western and Indian style and create a unique balance.

Exhibit: If you could revive one fashion trend from the past, what would it be? 

Swapna: It would definitely be skirts and blazers.

Exhibit: Swapna Anumolu and tech – Describe your relationship?

Swapna: Being an engineer, tech has been my base and it helps me in a lot of ways to drive my organization forward.

Exhibit: What is the perfect way to blend tech and fashion, especially traditional Indian attire according to you? 

Swapna: I think a Thermo-set machine to pre pleat the fabric, which can be used in drapes is a perfect way to blend tech and fashion.

Exhibit: How has Technology impacted the fashion industry?

Swapna: The relationship between technology and fashion industry is scaling new heights. Technology impacts the fashion industry by providing it with many good opportunities like increasing the company’s brand awareness, development of in-store shopping facility to the customer. Technology helps us explore fabric manipulation as well.

Exhibit: Which is the most advanced gadget that you use in designing?

Swapna: Digital sketchbooks.

Exhibit: How would you describe the evolution of Indian fashion couture and where do you see it heading? 

Swapna: Indian designers are exploring couture in different fields such as drapes, embroidery, cuts etc. We get to see something new everytime a designer showcases their collection. There are no limits to what’s going to be showcased in future. The young minds are bringing out the best.

Exhibit: According to you how does social media influence fashion trends? 

Swapna: Social media has become a part of our globally connected world in multiple ways and most recently the fashion industry is seeing a major shift in its inspirations for designs and trends. Popular social media handles like facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc are the major platform for the online presence and influence for the audience.

Exhibit: With the rise of social media, do you think it is more easy or difficult for designers to find their audience? 

Swapna: It’s way easier as it gives a global presence and allows the audience to decide and select from the huge and widespread variety. It also allows the designers to explore and understand the market reviews and acceptance.

Exhibit: Best Piece of advice you have ever received?

Swapna: Let every time feel like the first time.

Exhibit: Words for aspiring fashion designers? 

Swapna: Stick to your USP, keep it original and work towards minimal wastage.



Your Fashion Icon: Deepika Padukone

A ritual you follow before every show: Keep it calm

Most fashionable gadget: A smartwatch

Beauty in one word: Individuality

Most overrated trend: Cold shoulder

Most Underrated trend: Full sleeves

A gadget on your wishlist: Google glass


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