Spotify Spotted In India – 1M In 1 Week!

A week in and Spotify has hit a million users! With a lot of music streaming apps already playing the number game in the country, Spotify is here to stay. If you’re wondering why, read on.

Availability on multiple devices

Spotify launched last Tuesday, on Android as well as iOS devices (no new divide here, and aren’t we glad!). It’s also available on Windows 10 PCs, macOS devices, Android TV, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and of course, on all web browsers. What’s amazing is that the app gives a unique feel on each platform and definitely adds to the user experience.

Discovering new Music

Why Spotify is what it is. Discovering new music and exploring the beautifully curated playlists based on various moods, genres, languages and activities, is the USP of this platform. From music that helps you concentrate, to music you need to blast when you’re on a road trip, there’s something in the bag for everyone.

The Social Music Streaming App

The platform has a feature to follow your friends who use the app, check out their playlists and even view the song they are currently listening to. This is a refreshing and exciting feature which amplifies the experience and the personal touch that Spotify aims to provide.

Premium but Free

The positive of not having a Premium account is that you don’t have much to lose. You still have access to the wide variety of music that the platform has. So Premium or not, make sure you have an insane internet connection to save a little cash!

All in all, Spotify is one of the most exciting things to have happened to India in a while and we are welcoming it with open arms! Can’t disagree that a lot of the music we love isn’t available on the platform (I mean, Coldplay? How could you not!) But we are hoping it all comes together soon!

Till then, Happy Spotifying!

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