Social Media Blunders to Make Your Miserable Day Better!

What happens on Social Media, stays on Social media…forever. Isn’t that a scary thought? People have gone ahead and made Social media blunders only to realise the mistake they made and remove them later. Some were quick, seconds even, but on social media, you can never be quick enough because there will always be someone who would’ve taken a screenshot and made it go viral. Some of these have gone down not too well on social media. So, for all those of you who have been having a bad day today, here are some social media mistakes to make your life a little less miserable-1. That time Kim Kardashian spelt the brand wrong and got a quirky response from the brand itself!Kim Kardashian Twitter2.  That time Floyd Mayweather didn’t shy away from saying what he really wanted to say and caught the media’s eye.3. When Justin Sacco, a PR consultant didn’t really care about her “public relations” and posted a controversial tweet that she didn’t think would be so viral and become so hated by the public. It became such a rage that “HasJustineLandedYet started to trend with her later replying saying “I thought there was no way that anyone could possibly think it was literal.”4. Social Media blunders can kill careers and so did it of the 17 years old upcoming and “the next most popular” Belgian model Axelle Despiegelaere who posted a silly picture of herself with her prey after a hunting session. That apparently made her lose out on a contract with L’Oreal!Axelle Despiegelaere

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