Single On Valentines Day?

We don’t need to tell you that Valentine’s Day actually sucks big time when you are single, and there is no other day when you hate love so much, ironically. If a couple of messages and activities are not in your basket this time then no need to worry. There are so many things which you can do, that will make you forget about your relationship status. Just celebrate the love for yourselves this valentine.


Just do a V-day and eat your favourite stuff coz cheat days are allowed at times. Whether you decide to stay at home and watch something or go out to have a great time, don’t forget to treat yourself with the best food that you may be avoiding while keeping a check on your weight. Also, add some desserts with chocolates coz guys come and go, but your love for chocolate is eternal.

treat yourself


Oh is everyone around you painted in the colour of love and passion like the reds or pinks? Great, go out wearing black coz you don’t like to follow the herd. Just spend the day on your terms and screw the cliché colours by being different in fact, the opposite. The V-day thing is for kids, legends don’t do shit like this. Besides, black always makes you look beautiful and thin, of course.

2bLack and ditch the daY


Laughter is the best medicine in general or when you are feeling low. Switch on to Netflix and enjoy some great stand-up comedies acts. You won’t even realise how quickly you got over with the feeling of being lonely, not being pampered and not having that special person around you. You can’t really do much about your relationship status so why not laugh it out?

watch a SerieS oF Stand-up actS


Cinema has a magical power to take you into an imaginative world of fiction irrespective of what your movie preference is. More than often, you end up forgetting about your real life problems. That’s why a movie marathon can always come to your rescue whenever you are feeling low typically on days like these. Pick up some of your all-time favourites or anything that excites you and jump right in the reel life.


Travelling is the solution of 90% of your problems! Sneak out from your routine life, the same old people, stupid couples and also from the stress of being single amongst a group of mingled friends. Escape to a beach, mountains, wherever you like and get detox digitally by cutting all ties from the virtual world. It’ll be just you spending a good time with yourself at a place you love while the couples might just be faking it on Social media about their relationships that may or may not last long. You at least end up creating some good memories for sure.

Sneak out but unpLuGGed


The one thing that’s imperative and of utmost importance is, disappear from social media. You may be happily single, but the lovey-dovey social media posts from couples are insanely annoying especially for the singles. Well, that’s guaranteed to make you feel awful about yourself, even when you don’t want to. And you, obviously don’t want to see how your ex is celebrating V-Day without you! We all need someone special in our lives and it’s okay to feel lonely at times, but not because everyone else is indulging in a silly tradition inspired from the west and exaggerated by Archies and Hallmarks of the world. Being loved is great but being lonely isn’t that bad either.

abandon SociaL media


Well, you don’t need a special day to meet your friends, but they always make your day special. A good time with friends will make your blues go away. We can’t deny the fact that seeing everyone going out and having a good time makes you feel jealous. Since you don’t have a bae, why not catch up with friends and happily celebrate singlehood, mocking couples around and of course, make fun of your exes.

catch up with SinGLe FriendS


Don’t have a bae to pamper you? Try pampering yourself with an excellent spa therapy, massage or mani-pedi, in fact, all of it. After all, you just saved some bucks that otherwise would have been spent on a V-Day gift. A spa can relax you both physically and mentally, and you always walk out feeling refreshed and high on life.


Let’s face it, when you are dressed to kill, you are high on confidence as well. There is nothing that can bring you down, not even the couples dressed in red! Take out your best outfit and wear it with an attitude. When you love yourself, you don’t need someone else to make you feel good. And girls look prettiest when they feel happy. So just go girl and make the heads turn! And you never know, your Mr Right might notice you and the cupid may strike when you are least expecting it!

dress to envy


Just in case you didn’t know, cooking is a way of healing in itself and sometimes, the act of cooks is more therapeutic than the meal. Spending a “me time” at home can actually make you feel good and if you try preparing a desert, you can certainly save yourself from stressing about something that you shouldn’t be.

cook it up


That’s right and let’s just face it, being in a relationship sucks at times (and a lot if you were in a wrong one)! An endless list of doing this, don’t do that etc. So, make a list of the things your ex barred you from doing and just do it all in one day. That will give you a sense of achievement and peace of mind. Let loose, get free and enjoy a life where you aren’t doing things to please anyone but just for yourself.

do what Your ex hated


You know you are not really feeling good about not being hooked up, and sometimes you tend to overstress on such trivial things. Just try a blind dating thing and get hooked up with someone you don’t know at all. It is thrilling, exciting and adventurous, all at the same time. Who knows you might end up meeting the right guy. The chances are 50-50, and if it ends up being a disaster, you have a story to tell your friends and have a good laugh about it. The best part, you didn’t spend the day alone, good or bad, you got a date!

trY a bLind datinG appWe all need someone special in our lives and it’s okay to feel lonely at times, but not because everyone else is indulging in a silly tradition inspired from the west and exaggerated by Archies and Hallmarks of the world. Being loved is great but being lonely isn’t that bad either.


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