Payal Singhal – Fashion Designer

Exhibit: How would you describe your journey so far?

Payal: I started off in fashion at a time when there was no real platform for design in the country. Social media, fashion week, and celebrity stylists were unheard of concepts. From that to the current state of the industry, the evolution has definitely been massive. 20years in the industry has taught me that nothing is permanent and you are only as good as your last collection. So keep your head down and just keep making fabulous clothes.

Exhibit: How has Technology impacted the fashion industry?

Payal: The impact has been tremendous. We’ve now reached the stage where hundreds and thousands of garments can be manufactured and embroidered at a time by use of computerized cutting, sewing and embroidery machines. Fabrics are manufactured with much ease and in more quantities, and printing techniques and options are readily available to the layman now. Besides the manufacturing space where technology has impacted various aspects, marketing and sales have been impacted a lot with technology it has completely flipped the industry over. We can now transact in real time off the runway from India with a buyer sitting anywhere in the world!! You can be a small business and can build an international brand without ever leaving your home or office.

Exhibit: How would you describe your style?

Payal: The ideology, from the very start, has been to bring contemporary Indian wear to the fore while still taking inspiration from vintage fabrics and sensibilities. It’s all about catering to the millennial Indian woman who is a global traveller and has a strong, inimitable sense of style. The PS Style is for the woman who values comfort and effortlessness over everything else. She is drawn to individualistic, curated looks than overtly heavy, and put-together looks. She is a tastemaker and not a follower of trends.

Exhibit: If you could revive one fashion trend from the past, what would it be?

Payal: I love 1920’s flapper fashion I wish I could bring that back into fashion.

Exhibit: Payal Singhal and Tech- Describe your relationship? 

Payal: I would say it’s a love-hate relationship. I love it because it’s so amazing that you can control everything from one little phone and do business in New York while sitting in your PJs in Mumbai but I also didn’t grow up with technology or computers, and it’s a bit challenging for me to adapt to a lot of it and of course the fact that technology has taken over our lives and we don’t even remember the realness if life without it.

Exhibit:  What is the perfect way to blend tech and fashion, especially traditional Indian attire according to you?

Payal: A brocade strap Apple watch would be amazing!

Exhibit: Which is the most advanced gadget that you use in designing? 

Payal: We use digital embroideries and digitally made fabrics which is pretty advanced.

Exhibit: According to you how does social media influence fashion trends?

Payal: A major part of fashion following is based on social media. It’s the one place to keep abreast with the latest trends showcased by Indian or International designers or even celebrities. The more popular on social media, the wider the trend spreads and gets widely acceptable.

Exhibit:  With the rise of social media, do you think it is more easy or difficult for designers to find their audience?  

Payal: I’d say both. It depends on the kind of content you put out and to sift through the responses and general interests of people. Of course, the technological development of analytics helps in understanding the target audience, but each innovation needs updates for it to run smoothly and be of a functional use.

Exhibit:  Best Piece of advice you have ever received?

Payal: Stay focused!



Your Fashion Icon: Iris Apfel

A ritual you follow before every show: I eat something !!

Most fashionable gadget: Apple Watch

Beauty in one word: Visual

Most overrated trend: Sari Gowns

Most Underrated trend: The classic Kurta

A gadget on your wishlist: 3D Printer


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