Once upon a Chai

Cutting Chai is the largest media festival in Mumbai, annually organised by the BMM Department of R.D. National College, Bandra.

The platform that Cutting Chai provides, draws the finest young talents from across the city, offering them a standard industry exposure, many a times awarding them internships with the most dignified media giants. It is the perfect coalition of media based events, which include film, drama, art, literature, music, editing, journalism and more, spanning over three thrilling days.

The fest itself incorporates a fresh and innovative theme every year. The theme makes use of various elements from pop culture which influence the overall setting and  environment of the fest. This year, Cutting Chai Chapter 11 ‘Once Upon a Chai’ has, quite literally, ‘authored’ a new theme. Every book has a few basic elements on which they are developed– characters and conflicts.

When a Hypernova breathes its last and emits an unknown radiation in space, the boundaries of all Fictional Worlds are blurred, merging them into one common territory, that is the book of Cutting Chai 11. With paranoia and uncertainty on the rise, these Fictional Worlds come into conflict with one another, the conflict thrown upon them by the authors of Cutting Chai. How they react to these conflicts forms the rest of the plot of this epic saga. The participating contingents each occupy a Fictional World such as those of Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Dragon BallZ, John Carter etc. and have the liberty to choose any four characters that best represent their World.

While that sums up the creative aspect of the fest, the functional and administrative aspects of the fest put in commendable efforts. Every year, Cutting Chai ropes in some of the best brands from all over the city as its sponsors.

The fest is administered by a finely brewed group of Core team members, students of the college, who head the various departments that Cutting Chai has been divided into for maximum efficiency. The core is assisted by the active and skilled Committee Members. Ultimately, what it boils down to is a joyous celebration of the essence of mass media intertwined with unparalleled passion and learning.

All in all, Cutting Chai Chapter 11 ‘Once Upon a Chai’ is one of the biggest powerhouses of mass media fests due to its creative vision and innovative strategies. The fest shall be held at R.D. National College on 9th, 10th and 11th February.

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