Let Our Dressing Do The Talking!

Getting in your wardrobe and picking a dress can be really tricky and girls really understand that part very well! Time and again we hear people saying that “Your dressing reflects your personality” and that is mostly true but at times it can say much more than that? Let’s just try to find out more about what does your clothing say about you?

Your clothes or anything, in particular, cannot define or objectify you as a person but it sure says a lot about who you are, what you like and most important of all, how you are feeling? Sometimes it happens that we try to dress up out of our comfort zone, in order to impress others but you know what? It is very easy for people to catch your discomfort because it shows in your body language.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

Our clothes speak a language of social communication to those who don’t know you or know a little about you. Imagine going to a gathering with strangers all around, your clothes give a pivotal introduction about you and are mostly your first impression along with your communication. Whether we agree or not, at social events we mostly initiate a conversation with people who are dressed like us because our frequency is more likely to match with them.

Gazing at your way of dressing people can also get a hint about your profession. For instance, a hardcore professional person would mostly dress up in formals where as a creative person might just have a style of his own whether people appreciate them or not. In fact, as far as authority and professions are concerned, you have to get your dressing right to get the respect that you deserve. No one will take a doctor seriously if he shows up in preppy bright clothing or how often we see artists dressed up in well fitted suits?


A lot of psychologists say that our mood has a very deep connection with our clothing and vice-a-versa. Considering if you are feeling very confident someday, so you are more likely to pick something from your closet that would give the same impression to the people who are looking at you! If you are feeling blue or have just gone through a break up you might just want to pick the most comfortable pair of PJs and a loose T-shirt.


We often notice a subconscious change in our body language when we switch our attire. For example, when a girl is dressed formally for a party wearing a nice dress and heels and makeup, she tends to walk with a lot of grace and there is a certain classy touch in her body language. On the contrary when she is wearing a basic t-shirt and a regular jean with sports shoes her body language is more of a tomboy and carefree person! If the same girl is wearing some sporty gym clothes and tight hugging leggings with running shoes, her walk will have an  athletic feel.


If you see, the most essential part of dressing up is the colours and in a strange way, they can influence your mood as well. We might not wear one particular colour all the time but we all have some favourites that we often pick or feel very you comfortable wearing them. These so-called “favourites” say a bit about our personality and mood.

Check them out:

Brown: Let’s start with a dark one. Brown mostly is a colour of strength and stability.

Black: Though black is often implied as a very serious colour people who wear black also comes across as strong and intelligent.

White: The colour of purity and elegance.

Pink: This colour is mostly tagged as feminine and soft yet it can reflect the flirty side of a person.

Green: Green colour defies a very pleasant and calm mood or personality as it is related to the plants and nature that relax you.

Blue: Blue colour is the colour of confidence so next time you have a crucial meeting you may try wearing blue that would make you look more confident.

Red: There comes the most controversial colour, RED. It can be associated with blood for some and love for others. But as far as the psychology is concerned, red indicates a passionate personality.

Yellow: The colour yellow is a very bright and happy colour and certainly is associated with a very happy joyous mood!

Some studies have also proved that colours can also change your mood, for example, you may pick some bright and happy colours to cheer you up when you are feeling low or maybe wear some dark colours if you want to be more authoritative.


It is a universal fact that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and that’s the reason we keep on trying to figure out more about our partners to understand them better. Well, if not all, clothing and also help you understand what kind of lover, your partner is?


MEN: Usually men are little less complicated when it comes to these things. They are more straight and blunt in terms of what they want. Men, in general, are not impulsive shoppers and as for dressing they just pick something they like. We can broadly categorize men into 3 categories.

SPORTY: The ones who always wear t-shirts and jeans paired up with sports shoes and may like leather jackets. They are more into biking, sports and adventure. This kind of men usually are high on life and mostly flirtatious and usually have a long list of exes. They like girls who love travelling and adventure sports, gymming or fitness freaks. They are very passionate lovers though!

GENTLEMEN: These are the ones who take their professions and careers as a priority. They mostly dress up in formals and have a chivalrous attitude. They seem little introvert as they don’t talk too much and are mostly quiet. They like girls who are well dressed and well spoken. They are gentle and caring lovers.

FUSION: This is the category where most of the men around us fall. They are very sloppy and careless at times and might go out in flip-flops and jeans but they can also dress up really well when going out on a date or depending on an occasion. These kind of men are as confusing as their dressing. They love girls who are not easy to get and usually don’t even realise getting serious in a relationship.

WOMEN: Unlike men, women are mostly fussy about shopping and are impulse buyers. They might go all over the place just to pick one perfect outfit and that is exactly how they are when it comes to love. Considering this, we can try to unveil them as lovers but again women as we all know are too complicated to be categorised.

TRADITIONAL: These are the ones who love to wear traditional attires and are mostly naïve, tender and loving. They usually don’t like to go out of their comfort zone when it comes to men. As lovers, they are One man women and are very loyal.

STRONG DRESSING SENSE: The ones who have a particular dressing style whether it is formals or dresses, they are always very well dressed and they usually dress up for themselves. As we can guess, these are the strong and independent women who don’t like to be dominated and they like to pay their own bills. Just because they are very opinionated, they are not easy to be with but when they fall in love, they are extremely passionate and great lovers.

CAREFREE DRESSERS: Again a fusion and a confused category where either they dress up like no one is watching or as if they are walking a red carpet. These kind of girls are moody and can either be tomboyish or really appealing. They love to be heard and mostly try to run away from relationships but they are most sensitive and vulnerable.

Hence, we can now agree that we can let our dressing do most of the talking for us and it is actually important to take out some time and effort when we pick something from out wardrobe whenever we go out. So, next time when you tell a girl, “You are taking too long to get ready” you might just want to think again!

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