How to keep your laptop from overheating.

Faulty batteries might be one of the reasons for laptops to heat up or even catch flames in the worst case. Other reasons like not maintaining your laptop from time to time might also be a factor. To make sure your laptop lasts longer and does not overheat, follow these rules and keep problems at bay-

  • Where you rest your laptop plays an important role in deciding the amount of heat it pushes out of the system or retains. Avoid keeping it on your laps or soft surfaces like a cushion which could obstruct the airflow vents, especially the rear vents. Use a hard surface like a desk. However, also do not keep it directly on the desk but make use of a laptop stand.

  • Check the fans to make sure they’re working properly and the best way to do so is to use diagnostic software since the fans are inside the case. Try downloading the official software on the laptop maker’s website or look for other reliable vendors online.

  • Clean the air vents from time to time not allowing dust to accumulate on the vents as it blocks them and prevents them from working efficiently.

  • Keep activated in your laptop heat monitoring system settings called BIOS settings that inform you about how hot is too hot and at what temperature the fans should kick in. BIOS updates are revised temperature settings which optimize cooling. However, you should also pay heed to the fact that BIOS is a trickier software system to update than the usual operating system stuff.

  • Make sure you shut down your computer overnight to let it cool off. Also, put it on the standby mode if you do not use it continuously during the day. This will save power and reduce heat output from the laptop’s components. Also, ensure your laptop is switched off when it’s in the bag.

  • Never place anything over the keyboard when the laptop is in the closed-lid mode. Doing so will cause the computer to repeatedly turn on and off, produce considerable heat and could also drain the battery.

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