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Bringing together the best of both world, Cutecircuit founded by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz flew down from London to showcase their latest collection at Tech Fashion Tour and it was a exotic experience. We chatted with them to know all about their global brand, the passion that drives them and how they decided to explore the lands of fashion and tech together.

EXHIBIT: CuteCircuit is known for creating the perfect tech wearable. what inspired you to blend the best of tech and fashion?

CuteCircuit: Nearly every aspect of our lifestyle benefits from some kind of technology. However Fashion has seemed to remain in the past, most garments that exist today could have also existed hundreds of years ago because they have not taken advantage of any of the capabilities that technology provides. We believe that fashion can do more. As designers, we look at every possibility of creating a wonderful design and chose from every option available. There is so much potential out there! Let’s put it to good use, to let people connect with each other, or express themselves better, or make the world a better place.

EXHIBIT: You started your own company immediately after graduating from the interaction Design institute ivrea, how did you take such a leap? 

CuteCircuit: This is going to sound crazy, but actually, there was no other choice! We were already designing fashion with wearable technology inside. The designs we were creating were unlike any that we had ever seen. This was a new thing and there was no way to get a job for another company doing this. So there was no choice. We had to start our own label and begin making the future of fashion.

EXHIBIT: What is your priority while designing: the look of the garment or its tech advancement? 

CuteCircuit: The design comes first. Always! We design for real people, and they are our motivating force. We want to make garments that make people feel alive and energetic. If people love a design because it does that for them, then our goal is accomplished.

EXHIBIT: How would you describe your style of design? 

CuteCircuit: Omnivorous. We are known for pioneering the idea of bringing avant-garde technology to fashion, but that is only part of the equation for our designs. When we design we also look deep into the history of fashion and the anthropology of clothing in culture. Fashion is not in a bubble, you have the think of everything! That’s why we have different collections which allows us to experiment.

EXHIBIT: Which is the biggest advantage that tech can bring to fashion? 

CuteCircuit: Fashion and Technology are both forms of communication. We bring them together to connect, communicate, allow people to express themselves, and make fashion more exciting.

EXHIBIT:  What do you feel about being associated with TFT? 

CuteCircuit: It was a very forward-thinking event and it was great to work with Ramesh and the Exhibit team. We especially enjoyed having Bobby Deol as our wonderful showstopper.

EXHIBIT: Tell us about your recent collections you showcased in TFT ? 

CuteCircuit: We do a lot of beautiful designs for women, but in this collection, we also had awesome menswear. We designed amazing hiking gear that is comfortable to wear because they are convertible for different environments, but on top of the great fabric features, they have animated illumination features.

EXHIBIT: Run us through a ritual you follow before every show?

CuteCircuit: We always have fun with every show, because the brand is about having fun and if we were stressed out it would never work. So that’s it: have fun. At the Tech Fashion Tour, we had all the models dancing backstage and it was like a party!

EXHIBIT: Which is the preferred technology that you use professionally and how has the entire designing process changed compared to when you got started? 

CuteCircuit: We use a wide variety of technologies. When we started we used CAD systems and computer coding to create generative patterns. What has been added since then? For fashion design, we are now using lasers and 3D printers in the design process to create even more interesting and unique effects. As far as technology within the garments themselves, we are amazed at how we were able to create new methods and techniques to achieve beautiful and functional garments built without wires and with soft technology.

EXHIBIT: What can we expect from your next line of designs?

CuteCircuit: Sustainable innovation. We will continue to create our collections and add future classics to create a perfect wardrobe with fantastic garments that can last for a long time.

EXHIBIT:  What according to you do the wardrobe of tomorrow consists of? 

CuteCircuit: It should integrate with your life, make things easier and more fun. And most of all, enable the wearer to show their personality.

EXHIBIT: Who is the next best person to dress in your collection?

CuteCircuit: You. Everyone! Designing for celebrities is great as it gives a huge platform to share ideas, and now we are bringing these ideas to everyone.

EXHIBIT: On a parting note, when are we going to see your next fashion tour? 

CuteCircuit: We love India! So we will definitely come back!


Your Fashion Icon: coco Channel

Most Fashionable Gadget: our Mirror handbags of course! Gold plated aerospace aluminium with an illuminated display to match any outfit!

Beauty in One word: love

Most Overrated Trend: ugly shoes! it’s in the name really!

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