How is Technology affecting our Human Rights?

Instead of making the 10th of December yet another day of deceptive and superficial concern, let’s give ourselves some direction. Human Rights are exactly that. HUMAN RIGHTS. We are all so focused on discussing the problem that we often forget to think of an answer to that problem, Sometimes, it just takes that one idea to kickstart a landslide of change. And here’s our take on how technology can be the saviour that mankind needs.


  • Tech and Education

Undeniably technology is the reason the education sector has seen an acceleration in growth in recent times. With far reaching internet access, the amount of information available to those who want it is ginormous. Pushing this source of unlimited knowledge and using it to empower the youth in parts that haven’t been pursued before, is a sure shot way to ensure Right to Education.

  • Tech and Gender Equality

Wondering where tech stands with this human right? Technology, gadgets and gizmos have always been perceived as a sphere in the male world. Slashing through this stereotype, technology has become a common platform for both men and women to connect, share and just have a conversation about the very things that created disparity.

  • Tech and Freedom of Expression

This comes as a no-brainer in this social media driven world. Thoughts that were scared to be thought, opinions that were not allowed to be given, philosophies that were forbidden are starting to become a thing of the past. With empowerment in the form of campaigns and united fronts where you can connect, share and talk across borders and beyond race, Freedom of Thought and Expression are the almost impossible to deny in today’s scenario.

It’s all about making best of what we’ve got power over to give power to those in need. This World Human Rights Day, let’s start with thinking differently, believing in a new idea and make sure no matter where we are in our lives, we make a difference.


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