Hola Men! 10 fashion hacks every man needs to get right

Attention men! Here are simple, smart hacks that will save you a lot of time while getting ready for work, the gym or a party…

  1. Avoid creased collars by hanging your shirts with the top buttons buttoned.
  2. Get a versatile haircut.
  3. Try new accessories such as bracelets or rings.
  4. Wear a bow-tie only if you are confident enough to carry it off. Width of the bow-tie should not be bigger than width of your face.
  5. Get manicures and hand massages frequently.
  6. When sitting always unfasten all buttons on your jacket.
  7. Ditch short-sleeved shirts, it’s 2016 not 1999.
  8. Invest in a timeless watch.
  9. Never coil your belts, hang them instead.
  10. Learn to wear a scarf.

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