Hardwell – DJ of the month

Keeping family and friends close is a good way to keep your head and heart close to the ground. I’m not in this for fame but to just share good music with my fans. ”


Exhibit: We’re thrilled as you have been the number 1 DJ of the world twice and are currently one of the reigning DJs of the world. How does that feel?
Hardwell: I’ll forever be grateful to my fans for voting me as their #1 DJ, not once but DJ-Hardwelltwice too. It was a goal of mine since I was about 13 years old and to achieve it nearly 10 years later was incredible. My focus has and always will be to bring them the best experience I can as a DJ and give them the best music I can as a producer.

Exhibit: What’s the Tour life like?
HardwellFor me, it’s always a busy schedule. I’m on the road for much of the year which means when I am not at festivals or in arena halls then I am spending a lot of time at airports, on planes and riding in cars to my next destination. I like it though because I love to travel and meet my fans. […]


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