Goodbye approaches for Cassini Spacecraft

The quirky Google doodle for the day is symbolic of an interspace feat NASA has achieved.
For those of you who don’t know, Cassini spacecraft is an unmanned spacecraft sent to Saturn. It was inserted into space in 2004 and is the fourth to visit Saturn and first to enter the orbit.

The doodle shows the craft happily clicking pictures of Saturn and its rings. It is happy as it has approached the end of its mission. However, this also makes us sad because the craft would plummet into the atmosphere and get burnt up keeping in mind the planetary preservation by NASA.

In its mission, NASA announced that Cassini found molecular hydrogen coming out of Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. In addition to sending images of the moons which are not the main purpose of the mission but an afterthought, Cassini did quite an amazing job at its main mission which was acquiring more information of Saturn and its rings.

A while ago, Cassini sent a breathtaking picture of planet Earth from Saturn making it look beautiful yet insignificantly small. As Cassini’s life approaches its end, we are sad but we say that we shall miss it deeply!

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