God Of War Game Review: A Highly Satisfying Combat With Breathtaking Visuals

Since its debut on PlayStation 2 in 2005, God Of War has become one of the most iconic video game franchises. When this eighth game in the franchise was announced at E3 2016, it was on the ‘to-buy’ list of almost every PlayStation 4 player. A franchise that has sold over 20 million copies worldwide had big expectations to meet.

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game of throne

This game puts you in a remote location of Midgard where you play as Kratos who has to control his rage to help his son Atreus fulfill the wishes of his mother. You cannot help but notice the splendid world created by Santa Monica Studio. After having revisited the Greek mythology, the franchise this time decided to pay tribute to the Nordic deities. All the big names are present: Baldur, Thor, Odin, Loki, Mimir, Tyr, Brok, Fafnir, the Midgard Serpent and the rest. Draggers are the first enemies we meet, quickly supported by trolls, ogres, seiðr, rabid wolves, -and elves. In addition to Midgard, the game takes you to the other eight kingdoms of Scandinavian folklore, including the mythical Asgard.

The gameplay is vastly different from the previous installments, as it was rebuilt from the ground up. God Of War features a third-person, over-the-shoulder free camera and it is presented in a continuous shot, with no camera cutsKratos does not use his signature double-chained blades, the Blades of Chaos, as his default weapon anymore. Instead, he is equipped with a magical battle ax, called the Leviathan Axe. This deadly ax can be thrown at enemies with devastating effect and can be summoned back to Kratos’ hand. It can also be thrown to break open chests and barrels, cause explosions and also freeze objects to solve some puzzles. In this new God of War, even in Normal difficulty mode, combat is more technical. It requires a good number of movements because the enemies respond better to some patterns than others. Kratos is not the only one in combat, Atreus will accompany him as well and that is very useful. Unlike AIs in some other games, it is you who will control Atreus’ actions. With the push of the ‘Square’ button, it will shoot arrows and unleash some powerful effects. In addition, it will also distract some enemies.

To craft, buy and upgrade your gear, you need Hack Silver and it is available in abundance all across the world. Armour is also very important in God Of War. You can increase your stats to improve your chances of survival and also specialize in traits that you use more in combat.

The relationship between Kratos and Atreus is the highlight of this game. Throughout your journey, you will come across characters and situations that will influence the bond between them. It is one of the best games that represent the parent-child relationship. You get the feeling that Santa Monica is building a massive plot with this theme at the center of it. The scale of the game is epic and every region you visit is spectacular. Midgard is still the main and most detailed area but other areas are equally amazing and link the storyline really well. The final fights and encounters with giant creatures are brutal and developers flex their creative muscles here. Every frame is spectacular and scenes like these are exactly why a PlayStation 4 Pro was brought in. The game is set in an open yet linear world. There is a large area to explore and players have some amount of freedom there. You can also fast travel from one region to another.

God Of War is an outstanding game. The game has a strong and emotive storyline, highly satisfying combat and breathtaking visuals. The developers have brought in so many refreshing changes whilst maintaining everything that made the series so good in the first place. Even after the end credits roll, it offers you more and keeps you engaged. There is no doubt that it will bag plenty of accolades and awards this year. If you own a PlayStation 4, there is no excuse to not play God Of War.

We played the
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a PlayStation 4 Pro.
Rating 5
Platform Playstation4
Price Rs. 3999

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