Freaky Facts About “No Shave November”

What does November remind you of? Autumn, the Fall, Festivals but there is one more thing that has considerably taken over our Social Media posts and a relevant position in trending Hashtags, that is the “No Shave November” yearly tradition of embracing body hair especially facial. You might have noticed the number of bearded men around you have increased all of a sudden. Though it is fun to look around people joining this manoeuvre, most of us aren’t even familiar with the fact that it was initiated for a serious cause and is much more than just growing the beard. Let’s share some stubby trivia about “No Shave November”.

The inspiration behind “No Shave November”

It was basically started by the Hill family staying in the suburbs of Chicago with the intention of raising donation for Cancer awareness and aid. The siblings of the Hill family lost their father to a prolonged battle with colon cancer. So, they decided to create an online non-profit charity named “No Shave November”. They urged people to give up shaving and donate the money saved from it.

no shave novemberThe hairy connection

As mentioned earlier, this cause encourages people not to shave for a month and treasure the fact that they are healthy enough to grow their hair, unlike cancer patients. This, for one, works as awareness about cancer and on the other hand, saves money that otherwise is spent on keeping yourself hair-free. Interestingly, people consider it as a movement that involves only men who grow a beard but actually, it is for both men and women to give up shaving for a month completely and not just facial hair. As a matter of fact, the women in the Hill family, equally participated to contribute in the cause.

People often blindly follow social media trends, and this is a classic example where boys just came across this phrase “No Shave November” and decided to follow it without knowing anything about it at all. Though, we must admit that this was a rather creative way of involving people towards a social cause.

No-shave-novemberBeing hairy isn’t really that bad, it is a nice way of being your natural self and working on your inner beauty than just the outer one. So, let the beard breed and enjoy while you join hands for something good!

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