Faking Fitness

—Since it’s April and we are already talking about the fooling businesses, what better occasion than this to open up about those bizarre apps that do nothing more than put you on a moronic roll each time you click on the application. Let’s have a look at these fitness apps that caught our attention and no, not in regards to health.

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01. Gymder

The popularity of this app just promotes the stereotype that we only need a good body to impress the opposite sex. So basically Gymder, which is coincidentally synonymous to Tinder, aims to remove the solitude from the atmosphere of the gym and make it an all-out social get-together. To begin with, it’s already a task to take efforts and go to a gym, let alone find a ‘gyming’ partner on this app. And the chances of finding a partner is so low because obviously, we are sweaty, smelly, and obviously, ugly!

02. Burn Your Fat With Me

If you think Gymder is weird, then it is just getting worse. ‘Burn Your Fat With Me’ which serves as a virtual anime dating simulator which helps you impress your anime dream date with your exercising skills. There are plenty of characters to choose as your training partner who will not only see but also workout alongside you, urging you on with encouragements, hence motivating you to exercise a fit body. Are you even serious?

03. Pact

Do You Remember pinky promises that we used to make in childhood which we would easily forget the next moment? ‘Pact’ exactly lets you do the same but with money involved. It urges us to make pacts with other users for working out, set healthy eating goals with real-life money betting to give you incentive. We belong to that category where we don’t even make use of our own gaming money, here we’ll have to pay those people who have stayed strong to the pact. Not really surprised that this turned out to be exactly one like those pinky promises.

04. Battlesuit Runner Fitness

Have you ever dreamt of being part of a video game where aliens are coming to invade your city and can be rescued no one else but only by you? BattleSuit Runner Fitness is an app which fulfills your desire of saving the world, but sadly it is not as cool as it sounds. Just ask your own lazy self, who does not even run to catch a train, will you run just for the sake of a game?

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