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Music Album

You can call him “lyrical”, but we pretty much prefer the term “athletic” for him more. On this very album, Kendrick Lamar is a fantastic rapper who is at his prolific height. So, Kendrick’s rap skills on the album are purely vigorous. Lamar has offered an amazing variance in the form, and it has also been compelling with no ends. He has been so efficient and taciturn that he’s pretty much capable of crafting an eight-bar run-on sentence, and that too is an underestimation. The man can also pack a punch in just two bars, as you can witness in the song “Element.,” which is a super energetic song; and Kendrick raps like “Bitch, all my grandmas dead / So ain’t nobody praying for me, I’m on your head.” Now, if that’s the reminder you want, then it’s a dry way of saying that Kendrick is totally focused and rushing in his delivery, even when such a song requires him to just be drunk and/or horny.


The Greatest Showman has taken its inspiration from the imagination of P. T. Barnum. The movie is an original musical, which revolves around celebrating the birth of the show business. The movie narrates the story of a visionary who rose from nothing for creating such a phenomenon that went on to become a global sensation. There may have been better movies for you to watch, but Gracey, Jackman and the whole lot of cast looks genuinely pledged to entertain and leave you enjoying an old-fashioned musical thrill. All the song numbers in “The Greatest Showman” consist of a dance-pop fire, which won’t lag in keeping you attuned.

The Greatest Showman

TV Show

We all can bring ourselves to state that creating a TV show that stands out is a really difficult job. And that’s all because we have reached a peak where television is at its highest peak. When we started with “This is us”, we were simply expecting a casual entertainment series. And we got a show that is real. The show is so real, you will actually be moved by emotions. This statement should be enough to tell you all that you need to know about this wonderful TV show based on life. Basically, the plot circles around some characters that appear to be quite unrelated. But these irrelative characters seem to have more in common than you may assume. What is so distinctive about this show isn’t its basic ending, but the journey that you will take in-between it. Even if you are someone who has seen a lot of new shows, including comedy and drama, we can say with complete certitude that “This Is Us” is the most memorable one. The show isn’t outstanding because of its storytelling, but because of its cast, which brings life to the whole storyline.


This is a pod about a tinyshorted, big-haired fitness master who had disappeared some three years ago, who is now topping the charts. But does it look like a labour of love – or something that’s much more stranger?

We have so many reasons why you’d love this show. The show is viciously assembled by braiding together interviews, narration, time as well as place with such a fashion that every episode becomes a bliss to watch. The podcast features a beautiful enigma, which is centered around a very strong figure — Simmons. He is the fitness master who was once identical with the ’80s, which is now existing as a cultural trinket. This show fleshes out as an almost-saintly individual who, in the meanwhile, continues to stay quite unknowable. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this show is that it’s also refreshingly sincere. The podcast graces itself with sweetness and optimism, which is so illuminating that it shines with burning heat.

Ted Talk

“Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I am a model.”

In this Ted Talk, the lingerie model Cameron Russell goes on to admit that she has won “a genetic lottery.” She’s tall, gorgeous and a successful model. Don’t judge her by her mere looks because in this courageous talk, you will see that she has taken a sardonic look at the whole modelling industry. And her career is what had her looking luscious at the tender age of 16. The highlight of this talk is when Russell reminded us to analyze the awful legacy that is left behind the ostensibly “happy” lives of models.


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