Embrace the Green!

Every year on 5th June, the World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe. On 19 February 2018 Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and Erik Solheim, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Head of UN Environment, jointly announced that India will be hosting the global World Environment Day celebrations. In an attempt to raise awareness about protecting the environment, the government has introduced the theme, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. And the easiest way to beat plastic pollution is to reduce waste and recycle. Hence we have made a list of simple things that you can do to reduce waste and incorporate recycling in the easiest way possible:

Goodbye Plastic

One of the most common ways to reduce plastic waste is to avoid using plastic bags and use cloth bags instead. It is also advisable to carry cloth bags or totes in your car trunks for backup while travelling.
Why should you do it: Every year the world uses up to 5 trillion plastic bags and the amount of waste produced is increasing every year.

Hello Reusable containers

The traditional glass mason jar is in demand again. The reusable glass jars and containers are also popular for maintaining the freshness of the food as well as extending the life of loose foods such as cereals, pulses, etc. Even using glass or usable water bottles are encouraged.
Why should you do it: We buy 1 million plastic bottles every minute thus increasing the total amount of waste produced.

Go online

The age of the internet is here and yet there is a high chance your mailbox is stuffed with mails. It is more convenient to shift online and unsubscribe the mails to prevent wastage of paper.
Why should you do it: We use more than 90 million short tons of paper and paperboard. That’s an average of 700 pounds of paper products per person each year.

Start stacking to recycle

In case if you feel recycling is expensive, then start stacking all the mails and newspapers and recycle it all together. This decreases the overall cost of recycling and also makes the entire process easier.
Why should you do it: Recycling paper helps in preserving the space that can be used to store products which cannot be recycled and also preserves paper.

May be, start cooking

When you order food from a restaurant not only do you start burning a hole in your pocket, you also contribute towards the increasing the use of plastic. The cutlery or the box in which the food arrives is made of plastic and even if it is made of cardboard, the cardboard has a thin lining of plastic because of which it cannot be recycled. So might as well start challenging your cooking skills and also save some money!
Why should you do it: Each year, at least 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans, the equivalent of a full garbage truck every minute.


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